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Sharing in the Success of the Digital Economy
Author: Robert D. Atkinson, Michael McTernan & Alastair Reed
Date:26 March 2015
A new pamphlet making the political case for the progressive power of innovation
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Gearing EU Governance towards Future Growth
Author: Renaud Thillaye
Date:14 March 2013
The side-lining of Europe 2020 and its worrying consequences. The Europe 2020 Strategy should not be considered as a ‘good-weather strategy’ only.  The EU has to find a sense of purpose again.
On Governing Europe
Author: Andrew Duff
Date:24 September 2012
The future of banking, fiscal, and political union - and what it means for the UK
After the crisis: A new socio-economic settlement for the EU
Author: Roger Liddle (ed)
Date:27 October 2009

In this volume, leading thinkers and experts provide compelling answers to issues of economic governance, financial regulation, budget reform, social policy and sustainable growth. 

Progressive Politics Vol 4.1
Date:01 March 2005

The new issue of Progressive Politics, Policy Network's journal, focuses on the challenges progressives face in the future. The first two articles deal with the Welfare State, the Social Democrats’ greatest achievement, according to Policy Network’s director Matt Browne, who has written the editorial. The centre-left should be careful not to allow its brainchild to become outdated.

Economic Reform in Europe: Priorities for the next five years
Author: Maria João Rodrigues & Roger Liddle (eds)
Date:10 November 2004

The booklet published by Policy Network sets out an economic and social agenda for the incoming Barroso Commission. It contains eight diverse and individual essays on the reform challenges that the EU faces arising from the deliberations of a distinguished Policy Network working group that met several times earlier this year.


Progressive Politics Vol 3.3
Author: Tony Blair
Date:13 October 2004

This special edition of the journal has been prepared for this year’s Progressive Governance Conference taking place in Budapest on October 13th-14th. With original contributions from Tony Blair, Ferenc Gyurcsány, Ricardo Lagos, Göran Persson and Stanislav Gross, the world leaders consider progressive strategies for the common problems faced by the centre-left.

Where Now for European Social Democracy?
Author: Peter Mandelson
Date:01 February 2004

In February 2004, Policy Network organised a two day British-French-German seminar on the future of European Social Democracy. For this occasion a collection of essays, Where Now for European Social Democracy? was published.


Progressive Politics Vol 2.1
Author: Tony Blair
Date:01 January 2003

The Second Edition of Progressive Politics is now available. With exclusive articles by Tony Blair, Alan Milburn, David Miliband, Tiziano Treu and many more, Progressive Politics continues to set the debate for modernising social democracy. This, the second edition of Progressive Politics also builds on the debates and arguments made in the inaugural edition, The Challenge of Renewal.

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