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Beyond New Labour: the future of social democracy in Britain
Author: Patrick Diamond & Roger Liddle (ed)
Date:12 June 2009

Social democratic thinking has to come to terms with the dramatic economic and social transformations sweeping the world. The importance of the state has been reaffirmed, but the future cannot lie solely in a return to statism and a revival of Keynesian social democracy.

The social reality of Europe
Author: Roger Liddle
Date:05 March 2007

The social reality of Europe, written by Policy Network’s vice chair Roger Liddle when he was senior adviser to the EU Commission President Jose Manual Barroso, was the major first step towards launching the official Commission consultation "taking stock of the social situation in the European Union".


Global Europe Social Europe
Author: Anthony Giddens, Patrick Diamond and Roger Liddle (eds)
Date:09 October 2006

Global Europe, Social Europe is the product of a Policy Network project on the European Social Model undertaken in 2005 and 2006. A collection of essays from leading thinkers on Europe, the book discusses the unfolding challenges facing the European Social Model in the 21st century.

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