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Old player, new role? India in a multi-polar world
Author: Priya Shankar
Date:23 June 2010
As a democracy in the developing world and with its breathtaking economic growth, India has emerged as a key player on the international arena. At the same time, many questions surround India's rise and there is a level of uncertainty about the impact this will have on the international system.
What's the story? Nation-building narratives in Australian climate politics
Author: David Hetherington and Tim Soutphommasane
Date:20 April 2010

Climate change politics in Australia has been defined by incendiary rhetoric and increasing public disillusionment. Debate has been slipping into the partisan arena of the “culture wars”. Social democrats can learn from the Australian experience, which underlines the need to move away from cosmopolitan ethics and towards muscular nation-building.

From shrillness to sobriety: pragmatism in climate politics
Author: Michael Lind
Date:19 April 2010

Apathy, disregard and fatigue towards combating climate change are on the rise in the US. Increasing partisan polarisation, high levels of unemployment and uncertainty over what constitutes both a progressive economic and values-based approach to cutting carbon emissions have all contributed to a maladroit and ineffective politics of climate change.

Rethinking climate change strategy for national governments
Author: Stephen Hale
Date:27 February 2010

Copenhagen has been seen by many as a setback for global action on climate change. But in truth it could provoke the rethink that has long been needed. National governments hold the key to our long-term prosperity, acting domestically and in concert with others.  

Needs must: should the environment trump prosperity?
Author: Clive Soley
Date:26 February 2010

The need to reduce carbon emissions while protecting jobs and prosperity is a key challenge for progressive politicians, both practically and ideologically. Using opposition to the third runway at Heathrow as a case-in-point, Clive Soley argues that the adoption of negative policies which impinge on individual choice and quality of life are counter-productive and electorally damaging. 

Regrets, they’ve had a few: where now for climate politics?
Author: Jürgen Krönig
Date:26 February 2010

The Copenhagen fiasco combined with the crisis of credibility afflicting climate science offers progressives a vital opportunity to inject a much needed dose of realism into the politics of climate change.

Jobs, industry and opportunity: Growth strategies after the crisis
Author: Progressive Governance Network
Date:16 February 2010

Governments around the world must address wide-ranging policy challenges if they are to emerge from the recession and plot a path to sustainable long-term prosperity. The global financial crisis demanded emergency actions to stabilise the financial system and avert a 1930s style depression. 

The EU in a world in transition: Fit for what purpose?
Author: Loukas Tsoukalis (ed)
Date:28 October 2009

What exactly is the EU’s “purpose” in the 21st century and what kind of reforms are required to render it “fit”? In this volume, leading thinkers and experts provide compelling answers to issues of defence and security, global economic governance, neighbourhood policy, trade, energy and climate change.

After the crisis: A new socio-economic settlement for the EU
Author: Roger Liddle (ed)
Date:27 October 2009

In this volume, leading thinkers and experts provide compelling answers to issues of economic governance, financial regulation, budget reform, social policy and sustainable growth. 

Growth, trade, integration and policy space
Author: Duncan Green
Date:03 April 2008

A review of the impact of bilateral, regional and global trade and investment agreements is urgently required to begin to tackle the current inequities in the current global trading system against some developing economies, says Duncan Green, head of research at Oxfam GB, in his paper commissioned for the Progressive Governance conference.


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