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Beyond New Labour: the future of social democracy in Britain
Author: Patrick Diamond & Roger Liddle (ed)
Date:12 June 2009

Social democratic thinking has to come to terms with the dramatic economic and social transformations sweeping the world. The importance of the state has been reaffirmed, but the future cannot lie solely in a return to statism and a revival of Keynesian social democracy.

Social Justice in the Global Age
Author: Olaf Cramme & Patrick Diamond (ed)
Date:27 March 2009

How can we advance social justice in the light of the new social realities? In this volume, leading international experts offer compelling answers to these questions.

Responses to the global crisis: charting a progressive path
Author: Olaf Cramme & Elena Jurado (ed)
Date:19 March 2009

The global financial crisis has dealt a shattering blow to the neoliberal faith in laissez-faire as the dominant guiding principle for the organisation of markets. The crisis has also exposed the fragility of globalisation: as sources of financing dry up, we are witnessing a dramatic collapse in world trade, shrinking capital flows and a worrying rise in anti-immigrant sentiment.

A progressive agenda for global action
Author: Progressive Governance Network
Date:13 March 2009

Addressing some of the most pressing issues facing progressive governments across the world today, including economic and social change, poverty and development, climate change and migration, as well as how international institutions can be reformed to meet the new challenges that globalisation presents, this edited volume brings together a collection of expert papers from recognised international experts and thinkers.

Social pessimism: the new social reality of Europe
Author: Roger Liddle
Date:08 October 2008

Social pessimism across Europe is on the rise, particularly among the larger and more established EU member states. Only by shaping markets and globalisation in a more socially just way can European progressives begin the necessary process of rethinking how a “new politics of optimism” can be developed, says Roger Liddle in a new essay for Policy Network.

Global challenges: accountability and effectiveness
Author: David Held
Date:02 April 2008

The complex nature of today’s globalisation requires a reinforcement of international law and the multilateral institutions and a change of direction in the governance of the world economy, David Held, co-director of the Centre for the Study of Global Governance at the LSE, in his paper for the Progressive Governance Conference.

Equality: a political choice
Author: Sotirios Zartaloudis
Date:04 December 2007

A more radical approach, including measures to prevent the escalation in the pay of celebrities such as David Beckham as well as top company CEOs, is needed to lower the high levels of inequality in the UK, according to a paper on income inequality trends in Europe and the US published by the international thinktank Policy Network.

A new social Europe
Author: Roger Liddle
Date:01 September 2007

Now is the time for Gordon Brown to restate Labour's commitment to a social Europe, argues former Blair adviser and Policy Network vice chair, Roger Liddle, in a freethinking paper for the Fabian Society.

Rethinking Immigration and Integration: A new centre-left agenda
Author: Alessandra Buonfino
Date:18 April 2007

Centre-left parties need to address the concerns of the losers of immigration while better communicating the benefits that migrants bring to our economy and society as a whole, according to a pamphlet by leading European progressives on the challenges of immigration and social integration.

The European Union in the Global Age
Author: Peter Mandelson
Date:22 March 2007

This important pamphlet by the EU commissioner for trade and Policy Network’s honorary chair, Peter Mandelson, aims to stimulate constructive debate across the EU about Europe’s future, exploring how the social well-being of Europe’s citizens can best be advanced within a globalising world.


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