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Equality: a political choice
Author: Sotirios Zartaloudis
Date:04 December 2007

A more radical approach, including measures to prevent the escalation in the pay of celebrities such as David Beckham as well as top company CEOs, is needed to lower the high levels of inequality in the UK, according to a paper on income inequality trends in Europe and the US published by the international thinktank Policy Network.

Public Matters: The renewal of the public realm
Author: Patrick Diamond (ed)
Date:02 July 2007

Labour needs to go back to first principles and develop a new agenda for public services, argues Public Matters, a book edited by Policy Network’s former director, Patrick Diamond, in conjunction with the Public Service Research Group.

Spanish Steps: Zapatero and the second transition in Spain
Author: David Mathieson
Date:26 March 2007

Having led the Spanish Socialist party to victory in 2004, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero has embarked on a radical agenda of social and political reform accompanied by a commitment to sound economic management. This essay by David Mathieson provides an excellent overview of the second transition of economic, social and political reform that is bringing Spain into the 21st century.

The social reality of Europe
Author: Roger Liddle
Date:05 March 2007

The social reality of Europe, written by Policy Network’s vice chair Roger Liddle when he was senior adviser to the EU Commission President Jose Manual Barroso, was the major first step towards launching the official Commission consultation "taking stock of the social situation in the European Union".


Global Europe Social Europe
Author: Anthony Giddens, Patrick Diamond and Roger Liddle (eds)
Date:09 October 2006

Global Europe, Social Europe is the product of a Policy Network project on the European Social Model undertaken in 2005 and 2006. A collection of essays from leading thinkers on Europe, the book discusses the unfolding challenges facing the European Social Model in the 21st century.

Progressive Politics Vol 5.1
Date:01 April 2006

This special edition of Progressive Politics reflects on Policy Network’s accomplishments over the last five years, while projecting forward to address the challenges of the future.


Social Mobility and Public Service Reform
Author: Jim Murphy
Date:01 February 2006

Social mobility lies at the very heart of the progressive programme. It is the key measure of our ability to deliver a fairer society in which equality of opportunity is open to all.

Progressive Politics Vol 4.3
Author: Tony Blair MP
Date:01 September 2005

This edition of Progressive Politics focuses on the future of the European Social Model and draws together contributions from politicians, strategists and thinkers who have been involved in a series of events we have organised since the summer and will continue to organise into the autumn.

The New Egalitarianism
Author: Anthony Giddens & Patrick Diamond (eds)
Date:29 June 2005

Bringing together original contribution from globally renowned thinkers such as Gosta Esping-Andersen, Saskia Sassen, Ulrich Beck and Anthony Giddens, as well as senior New Labour figures, the book offers a coherent account of the dynamics and multifaceted nature of contemporary inequality, and lays out how these inequalities can be countered.


Progressive Politics Vol 3.3
Author: Tony Blair
Date:13 October 2004

This special edition of the journal has been prepared for this year’s Progressive Governance Conference taking place in Budapest on October 13th-14th. With original contributions from Tony Blair, Ferenc Gyurcsány, Ricardo Lagos, Göran Persson and Stanislav Gross, the world leaders consider progressive strategies for the common problems faced by the centre-left.

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