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Steering Europe out of the Crisis
Author: Loukas Tsoukalis
Date:10 October 2012
Europe must avoid at all costs a prolonged double-dip recession, with the weakest members of the Eurozone leading a desperate suicide dance. The key challenges lie in balancing the burden of adjustment between creditors and debtors, regaining confidence in the irreversibility of Europe’s currency union and restoring the political capacity of both national and European institutions to transform market driven democracies into democratically regulated markets.
Governing as Social Democrats
Author: Patrick Diamond
Date:09 October 2012
The redistributive model of the state is in crisis. Post-crisis social democracy should be animated by a dual mission: pursuing resilience in our societies and institutions; and structural reforms geared towards sustainable growth and human capital investment.
After the Third Way
Author: Olaf Cramme & Patrick Diamond (eds)
Date:02 April 2012
The political left believed the crisis of neoliberalism would play into its hands. The opposite has proved to be the case. No new variety of capitalism has emerged to fill the void and left-of-centre parties have lost a devastating run of European elections.
Social progress in the 21st Century
Author: The Amsterdam Process
Date:12 July 2011
Major new publication on how Europe's centre-left parties can return as forces of social and economic progress. How should we redefine social progress in the era to come, and what are the implications for our social models, societal vision and the direction of welfare reform? 
Exploring the cultural challenges to social democracy
Author: The Amsterdam Process
Date:16 March 2011
Popular concerns over culture, migration and identity are of considerable importance to the future of European social democracy; their neglect marks a significant weakness and vulnerability.This substantial new Amsterdam Process publication confronts the choices and dilemmas facing centre-left parties.
Charting new directions: Brazil's role in a multi-polar world
Date:09 March 2011
This Foresight publication analyses Brazil’s development, rise and role in the world by focusing on three core issues: sustainable growth; social cohesion; and the international emergence of Brazil.
Beyond New Labour: the future of social democracy in Britain
Author: Patrick Diamond & Roger Liddle (ed)
Date:12 June 2009

Social democratic thinking has to come to terms with the dramatic economic and social transformations sweeping the world. The importance of the state has been reaffirmed, but the future cannot lie solely in a return to statism and a revival of Keynesian social democracy.

Poverty and development: lessons from Argentina
Author: Bernardo Kliksberg
Date:03 April 2008

The development of Argentina in the past decade offers important lessons for other developing economies in Latin America and more widely, for combating poverty and inequality, says Bernardo Kliksberg, honorary professor of the University of Buenos Aires in his paper for the Progressive Governance conference. 

Citizenship: tool or reward? The role of citizenship policy in the process of integration
Author: Elena Jurado
Date:29 February 2008

European governments should adopt a model of citizenship which prioritises the role of equality and participation, rather than language and identity, if they wish to achieve a more integrated society, according to a new paper published by Policy Network.

Creating a culture of fairness: a progressive response to income inequality in Britain
Author: Roger Liddle
Date:07 January 2008

A Top Pay Commission matching the current Low Pay Commission to scrutinise pay awards to executives in the private as well as the public sector is among the measures put forward by Roger Liddle, vice chair of Policy Network and a former adviser to Prime Minister Tony Blair and President of the European Commission Jose Manuel Barroso, in a new essay on tackling income inequality in the UK.


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