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The New Wave of Mutuality
Author: Robin Murray
Date:15 June 2012
In this new Policy Network paper Robin Murray shows how co-operative societies can help overcome the environmental, social, and economic problems that neither the private market nor the state have been able to find adequately answers.
Private Investment for Public Success
Author: Alan Milburn
Date:14 November 2006

This pamphlet argues that public-private partnerships (PPP) are crucial to successful and long-term public service reform. Far-reaching socio-economic changes in the 21st century make reform inevitable and public services need to respond accordingly.

Social Mobility and Public Service Reform
Author: Jim Murphy
Date:01 February 2006

Social mobility lies at the very heart of the progressive programme. It is the key measure of our ability to deliver a fairer society in which equality of opportunity is open to all.


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