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The Risk of Brexit
Author: Roger Liddle
Date:05 November 2015
Roger Liddle assesses the impact of a series of miscalculated gambles that leaves Britain teetering on the edge of an exit from the European Union
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The Risk of Brexit
Author: Roger Liddle
Date:15 January 2015
This book charts how recent political developments have changed the debate surrounding Britain’s membership of the European Union and poses a series of questions about how this debate will unfold over the course of the coming months and years.
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Making Things
Author: Pat McFadden
Date:20 May 2012
Making things involves an active government championing Britain’s strengths in automotive, aerospace and pharmaceuticals industries, but also broadening conceptions of manufacturing to include creative and music “weightless industries”.
Beyond New Labour: the future of social democracy in Britain
Author: Patrick Diamond & Roger Liddle (ed)
Date:12 June 2009

Social democratic thinking has to come to terms with the dramatic economic and social transformations sweeping the world. The importance of the state has been reaffirmed, but the future cannot lie solely in a return to statism and a revival of Keynesian social democracy.

The European Union in the Global Age
Author: Peter Mandelson
Date:22 March 2007

This important pamphlet by the EU commissioner for trade and Policy Network’s honorary chair, Peter Mandelson, aims to stimulate constructive debate across the EU about Europe’s future, exploring how the social well-being of Europe’s citizens can best be advanced within a globalising world.

Europe in the Global Age
Author: Anthony Giddens
Date:09 October 2006

Europe in the Global Age is Anthony Giddens’ essential contribution to the Policy Network project on the European Social Model undertaken in 2005 and 2006. Consolidating the research brought to light by the leading thinkers involved in this project, the book assesses the future of the European Social Model in the 21st century.


Progressive Politics Vol 4.3
Author: Tony Blair MP
Date:01 September 2005

This edition of Progressive Politics focuses on the future of the European Social Model and draws together contributions from politicians, strategists and thinkers who have been involved in a series of events we have organised since the summer and will continue to organise into the autumn.

Towards World Democracy
Author: Pascal Lamy
Date:25 July 2005

In Latin America, in Africa, in Asia, I am often questioned about the future of Europe. In the past, I would respond with assurance, with the conviction of the observer of a work taking shape. Although the difficulties are evident, the European project has never been so pertinent - for Europeans ourselves, but also for the rest of the world.

Progressive Politics Vol 4.2
Author: Thabo Mbeki
Date:01 July 2005

This edition of Progressive Politics has been produced to coincide with the regional Progressive Governance Conference hosted by President Thabo Mbeki in Johannesburg. The conference falls at an opportune moment, several months after the publication of the Africa Commission’s report, and a few short weeks after the G8 Summit in Gleneagles.

Progressive Politics Vol 4.1
Date:01 March 2005

The new issue of Progressive Politics, Policy Network's journal, focuses on the challenges progressives face in the future. The first two articles deal with the Welfare State, the Social Democrats’ greatest achievement, according to Policy Network’s director Matt Browne, who has written the editorial. The centre-left should be careful not to allow its brainchild to become outdated.


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