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After the Third Way
Author: Olaf Cramme & Patrick Diamond (eds)
Date:02 April 2012
The political left believed the crisis of neoliberalism would play into its hands. The opposite has proved to be the case. No new variety of capitalism has emerged to fill the void and left-of-centre parties have lost a devastating run of European elections.
Progressive Politics Vol 3.2
Author: Giuliano Amato
Date:01 June 2004

The new issue of Policy Network’s journal, Progressive Politics focuses on the future of transatlantic relations. This volume includes six original articles by politicians and thinkers such as Giuliano Amato, Ron Asmus, Laurent Fabius, Ulrike Guérot, Peter Mandelson and Karsten D. Voigt. Together they stress the importance of, and the need for, finding new ways ahead for a revitalised transatlantic partnership.


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