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Progressive Politics after the Crash
Author: Olaf Cramme, Patrick Diamond and Michael McTernan
Date:02 September 2013
Those who hoped the collapse of financial markets would usher in the end of neoliberalism and rehabilitate support for traditional social democratic policy programmes have been disappointed. It is not only the irrationality of markets which is the focus of public discontent, but the inefficiency of states and the inability of elected governments to humanise and control global market capitalism.
Progressive Politics Vol 2.1
Author: Tony Blair
Date:01 January 2003

The Second Edition of Progressive Politics is now available. With exclusive articles by Tony Blair, Alan Milburn, David Miliband, Tiziano Treu and many more, Progressive Politics continues to set the debate for modernising social democracy. This, the second edition of Progressive Politics also builds on the debates and arguments made in the inaugural edition, The Challenge of Renewal.

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