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A new social Europe
Author: Roger Liddle
Date:01 September 2007

Now is the time for Gordon Brown to restate Labour's commitment to a social Europe, argues former Blair adviser and Policy Network vice chair, Roger Liddle, in a freethinking paper for the Fabian Society.

The European Union in the Global Age
Author: Peter Mandelson
Date:22 March 2007

This important pamphlet by the EU commissioner for trade and Policy Network’s honorary chair, Peter Mandelson, aims to stimulate constructive debate across the EU about Europe’s future, exploring how the social well-being of Europe’s citizens can best be advanced within a globalising world.

Towards World Democracy
Author: Pascal Lamy
Date:25 July 2005

In Latin America, in Africa, in Asia, I am often questioned about the future of Europe. In the past, I would respond with assurance, with the conviction of the observer of a work taking shape. Although the difficulties are evident, the European project has never been so pertinent - for Europeans ourselves, but also for the rest of the world.

Progressive Politics Vol 3.2
Author: Giuliano Amato
Date:01 June 2004

The new issue of Policy Network’s journal, Progressive Politics focuses on the future of transatlantic relations. This volume includes six original articles by politicians and thinkers such as Giuliano Amato, Ron Asmus, Laurent Fabius, Ulrike Guérot, Peter Mandelson and Karsten D. Voigt. Together they stress the importance of, and the need for, finding new ways ahead for a revitalised transatlantic partnership.


Progressive Politics Vol 2.2
Author: Tony Blair MP
Date:01 July 2003

The New Edition of Progressive Politics is now available. Produced for the Progressive Governance Conference, this edition includes contributions from Tony Blair, Gerhard Schroder, Goran Persson, Thabo Mbeki, Jean Chretien, Javier Solana, and Wouter Bos, among others. The contributors set out a bold new agenda for the renewal of progressive politics for the coming decade and beyond, and respond to the challenges laid down in earlier editions of the journal.


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