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Progressive Politics Vol 4.1
Date:01 March 2005

The new issue of Progressive Politics, Policy Network's journal, focuses on the challenges progressives face in the future. The first two articles deal with the Welfare State, the Social Democrats’ greatest achievement, according to Policy Network’s director Matt Browne, who has written the editorial. The centre-left should be careful not to allow its brainchild to become outdated.

Progressive Politics Vol 1.1
Author: Bill Clinton
Date:01 September 2002

This, the inaugural edition of Progressive Politics contains exclusive articles by Bill Clinton, Pascal Lamy, Francesco Rutteli, Par Nuder, Philip Gould and many more. Whether addressing the reasons behind recent electoral results in Europe, the politics of globalization, or the new policy options open to the centre-left, Progressive Politics sets the tone of the debate for all those interested in modernising social democracy.

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