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Climate change negotiations reconsidered
Author: Scott Barrett
Date:31 March 2008

The global efforts to address climate change contained in the Kyoto Protocol and Bali Roadmap have failed, and only a technologicl revolution offers the chance to stabilise carbon emissions at levels low enough to prevent a dangerous escalation in global mean temperatures.

Climate change versus development: trade-offs and synergies
Author: Rob Swart
Date:31 March 2008

Climate change response strategies are likely to be more successful if they are embedded in the pursuance of broader sustainable development initiatives, and vice versa, says Rob Swart, coordinator of the international climate change adaptation research at Wageningen University and Research Centre (Alterra), in his paper for the Progressive Governance Conference.

Living sustainably: approaches for the developed and developing world
Author: Michael Redclift and Emma Hinton
Date:31 March 2008

The assumptions underpinning policy on growth and economic development at the national and international level will have to be radically reversed for countries in the developed and developing world to effectively tackle climate change, say Michael Redclift, professor of international environment policy, and Emma Hinton, a researcher in the Department of Geography, King’s College, London.

Citizenship: tool or reward? The role of citizenship policy in the process of integration
Author: Elena Jurado
Date:29 February 2008

European governments should adopt a model of citizenship which prioritises the role of equality and participation, rather than language and identity, if they wish to achieve a more integrated society, according to a new paper published by Policy Network.

Creating a culture of fairness: a progressive response to income inequality in Britain
Author: Roger Liddle
Date:07 January 2008

A Top Pay Commission matching the current Low Pay Commission to scrutinise pay awards to executives in the private as well as the public sector is among the measures put forward by Roger Liddle, vice chair of Policy Network and a former adviser to Prime Minister Tony Blair and President of the European Commission Jose Manuel Barroso, in a new essay on tackling income inequality in the UK.

Equality: a political choice
Author: Sotirios Zartaloudis
Date:04 December 2007

A more radical approach, including measures to prevent the escalation in the pay of celebrities such as David Beckham as well as top company CEOs, is needed to lower the high levels of inequality in the UK, according to a paper on income inequality trends in Europe and the US published by the international thinktank Policy Network.

A new social Europe
Author: Roger Liddle
Date:01 September 2007

Now is the time for Gordon Brown to restate Labour's commitment to a social Europe, argues former Blair adviser and Policy Network vice chair, Roger Liddle, in a freethinking paper for the Fabian Society.

Public Matters: The renewal of the public realm
Author: Patrick Diamond (ed)
Date:02 July 2007

Labour needs to go back to first principles and develop a new agenda for public services, argues Public Matters, a book edited by Policy Network’s former director, Patrick Diamond, in conjunction with the Public Service Research Group.

Rethinking Immigration and Integration: A new centre-left agenda
Author: Alessandra Buonfino
Date:18 April 2007

Centre-left parties need to address the concerns of the losers of immigration while better communicating the benefits that migrants bring to our economy and society as a whole, according to a pamphlet by leading European progressives on the challenges of immigration and social integration.

Spanish Steps: Zapatero and the second transition in Spain
Author: David Mathieson
Date:26 March 2007

Having led the Spanish Socialist party to victory in 2004, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero has embarked on a radical agenda of social and political reform accompanied by a commitment to sound economic management. This essay by David Mathieson provides an excellent overview of the second transition of economic, social and political reform that is bringing Spain into the 21st century.


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