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Responses to the global crisis: charting a progressive path
Author: Olaf Cramme & Elena Jurado (ed)
Date:19 March 2009

The global financial crisis has dealt a shattering blow to the neoliberal faith in laissez-faire as the dominant guiding principle for the organisation of markets. The crisis has also exposed the fragility of globalisation: as sources of financing dry up, we are witnessing a dramatic collapse in world trade, shrinking capital flows and a worrying rise in anti-immigrant sentiment.

The politics of climate change
Author: Anthony Giddens
Date:15 March 2009

In The Politics of Climate Change, Giddens, the Labour peer and former director of the LSE, controversially argues that we do not have a systematic politics of climate change. While the consequences of climate change are potentially catastrophic, the book argues that for most policymakers and citizens it remains only a latent concern.

A progressive agenda for global action
Author: Progressive Governance Network
Date:13 March 2009

Addressing some of the most pressing issues facing progressive governments across the world today, including economic and social change, poverty and development, climate change and migration, as well as how international institutions can be reformed to meet the new challenges that globalisation presents, this edited volume brings together a collection of expert papers from recognised international experts and thinkers.

Rethinking migration: work and welfare in a mobile economy
Author: Elena Jurado & Annie Bruzzone
Date:12 December 2008

If our aim is to enhance the productive incorporation of migrant workers, existing efforts to manage migration require a much more holistic approach. This does not mean that states should abandon efforts to select migrants, but rather that immigration, labour market and welfare policies need to be developed in tandem.

The politics of climate policy in affluent democracies
Author: Ian Bailey & Hugh Compston
Date:22 October 2008

This paper is a modified version of “The Politics of Climate Policy in Developed Countries.”

The EU and the management of sustainable development: the role of the Nordics
Author: Mans Lonnroth
Date:17 October 2008

This paper was the basis of his contribution to a seminar on the Politics of Climate Change: National Innovation, Leadership and Policy Approaches Within the EU’s Framework for Action, held in London on 9 October 2008.

Social pessimism: the new social reality of Europe
Author: Roger Liddle
Date:08 October 2008

Social pessimism across Europe is on the rise, particularly among the larger and more established EU member states. Only by shaping markets and globalisation in a more socially just way can European progressives begin the necessary process of rethinking how a “new politics of optimism” can be developed, says Roger Liddle in a new essay for Policy Network.

The politics of climate change
Author: Anthony Giddens
Date:08 September 2008

Climate change is now a mainstream political issue. However, as yet there is no substantive framework for policy which offers coherence and consistency as to how national governments should cope with its long-term political challenges, according to a new paper by the Labour peer and sociologist Anthony Giddens.

Russia's role in a multi-polar world
Author: Elena Jurado
Date:25 June 2008

Following on from the Foresight Moscow symposium, this paper argues that accepting Russia as an equal in international negotiations is a prerequisite for solving today's global challenges. It suggests that western engagement with Russia will ultimately serve to ensure that Russians see the value of multilateralism and therefore become more cooperative international players.

Follow my lead :The role of politics in shaping the debate on labour migration
Author: Shamit Saggar
Date:13 May 2008

A lack of political and social imagination are likely to be the biggest obstacles of all in addressing rising public hostility to immigration, argues Shamit Saggar, professor of politics at the University of Sussex, in a paper contributing to Policy Network’s new research initiative on the myths and realities of labour migration in Europe.


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