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From shrillness to sobriety: pragmatism in climate politics
Author: Michael Lind
Date:19 April 2010

Apathy, disregard and fatigue towards combating climate change are on the rise in the US. Increasing partisan polarisation, high levels of unemployment and uncertainty over what constitutes both a progressive economic and values-based approach to cutting carbon emissions have all contributed to a maladroit and ineffective politics of climate change.

Through a billion voices: India's role in a multi-polar world
Date:18 March 2010

This Foresight reader analyses these issues by comparing the perspectives of Indian and non-Indian authors on three critical global challenges: sustaining economic globalisation; combating terrorism in the South Asian region; and ensuring resource security. 

Migration and the rise of the radical right
Author: Montserrat Guibernau
Date:09 March 2010

In recent years, the popularity of new radical right-wing parties with anti-immigrant platforms has increased across Europe. This paper outlines the complex set of factors that account for this trend and offers a critical evaluation of the way mainstream parties are responding. 

Rethinking climate change strategy for national governments
Author: Stephen Hale
Date:27 February 2010

Copenhagen has been seen by many as a setback for global action on climate change. But in truth it could provoke the rethink that has long been needed. National governments hold the key to our long-term prosperity, acting domestically and in concert with others.  

Needs must: should the environment trump prosperity?
Author: Clive Soley
Date:26 February 2010

The need to reduce carbon emissions while protecting jobs and prosperity is a key challenge for progressive politicians, both practically and ideologically. Using opposition to the third runway at Heathrow as a case-in-point, Clive Soley argues that the adoption of negative policies which impinge on individual choice and quality of life are counter-productive and electorally damaging. 

Regrets, they’ve had a few: where now for climate politics?
Author: Jürgen Krönig
Date:26 February 2010

The Copenhagen fiasco combined with the crisis of credibility afflicting climate science offers progressives a vital opportunity to inject a much needed dose of realism into the politics of climate change.

Jobs, industry and opportunity: Growth strategies after the crisis
Author: Progressive Governance Network
Date:16 February 2010

Governments around the world must address wide-ranging policy challenges if they are to emerge from the recession and plot a path to sustainable long-term prosperity. The global financial crisis demanded emergency actions to stabilise the financial system and avert a 1930s style depression. 

Challenging the politics of evasion
Author: Olaf Cramme, Patrick Diamond & Roger Liddle
Date:04 December 2009

In challenging and contesting the "politics of evasion" this new Policy Network paper offers a candid assessment of the centre-left's current predicament, setting out a path for a much needed period of ideological renewal. 

Decentralising integration policies
Author: Rinus Penninx
Date:26 November 2009

As cities and regions across Europe struggle to manage the integration challenges posed by immigration, a growing number of people are looking to decentralisation for answers. This paper argues that increasing the financial and decision-making power of local authorities is a necessary precondition for formulating and implementing successful integration policies, but it is not a panacea. 

Democracy, climate change and global governance
Author: David Held & Angus Fane Hervey
Date:23 November 2009

The urgent challenge of climate change poses a critical test for modern democracy and rules-based international politics. Democracies need to shift from loose policy commitments to real and binding action. Yet, there are enormous collective action problems in combating climate change. Can democratic systems evolve to confront the challenge?


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