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Social progress in the 21st Century
Author: The Amsterdam Process
Date:12 July 2011
Major new publication on how Europe's centre-left parties can return as forces of social and economic progress. How should we redefine social progress in the era to come, and what are the implications for our social models, societal vision and the direction of welfare reform? 
Brazil rising: The prospects of an emerging power
Author: Alfredo Cabral & Priya Shankar
Date:01 July 2011
This paper outlines how Brazil has pursued its own path to development in recent years, highlighting the key challenges and dilemmas that the country now faces with regards to its economic, social and foreign policies.
Priorities for a new political economy: Memos to the left
Date:11 May 2011
This substantial new Policy Network publication combines instructive data analysis of new opinion polling from the UK, US, Sweden and Germany, with a series of essays and memos written by leading scholars from around the world.
Exploring the cultural challenges to social democracy
Author: The Amsterdam Process
Date:16 March 2011
Popular concerns over culture, migration and identity are of considerable importance to the future of European social democracy; their neglect marks a significant weakness and vulnerability.This substantial new Amsterdam Process publication confronts the choices and dilemmas facing centre-left parties.
Charting new directions: Brazil's role in a multi-polar world
Date:09 March 2011
This Foresight publication analyses Brazil’s development, rise and role in the world by focusing on three core issues: sustainable growth; social cohesion; and the international emergence of Brazil.
What future for Europe?
Date:11 February 2011
In this accompanying pamphlet to a major Policy Network conference on the future of Europe, some of the leading proponents of strong UK-EU relations outline the political priorities and options for the new UK Coalition government’s European policy.
Southern Discomfort Again
Author: Patrick Diamond & Giles Radice
Date:11 October 2010
The purpose of this Policy Network study, a sequel to the Southern Discomfort series carried out after the 1992 general election defeat, is to address the crippling weakness that Labour faces in Southern England following the 2010 defeat.
Cause for concern? The impact of immigration on political trust
Author: Lauren M. McLaren
Date:20 September 2010
This paper explores the extent to which public concern about immigration affects trust in politicians and political institutions. The study uses the four rounds of the European Social Survey (2002-2009) to explore the relationship between public attitudes to immigration and public attitudes to politicians and political institutions.
Old player, new role? India in a multi-polar world
Author: Priya Shankar
Date:23 June 2010
As a democracy in the developing world and with its breathtaking economic growth, India has emerged as a key player on the international arena. At the same time, many questions surround India's rise and there is a level of uncertainty about the impact this will have on the international system.
What's the story? Nation-building narratives in Australian climate politics
Author: David Hetherington and Tim Soutphommasane
Date:20 April 2010

Climate change politics in Australia has been defined by incendiary rhetoric and increasing public disillusionment. Debate has been slipping into the partisan arena of the “culture wars”. Social democrats can learn from the Australian experience, which underlines the need to move away from cosmopolitan ethics and towards muscular nation-building.


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