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Progressive Politics Vol 1.1

Progressive Politics Vol 1.1

Bill Clinton

01 September 2002

Progressive Politics Vol 1.1This, the inaugural edition of Progressive Politics contains exclusive articles by Bill Clinton, Pascal Lamy, Francesco Rutteli, Par Nuder, Philip Gould and many more. Whether addressing the reasons behind recent electoral results in Europe, the politics of globalization, or the new policy options open to the centre-left, Progressive Politics sets the tone of the debate for all those interested in modernising social democracy.



Editorial - Peter Mandelson

The Challenge of Renewal

Back to the Drawing Board - Pierre Moscovici

Populism in the Polder - Dick Benschop

Beyond Division - Francesco Rutelli

Beyond Leftism - Anthony Giddens

A Manifesto for Reformers - Par Nuder

New Electorate, New Strategy - Philip Gould

Politics of Globalization

The Next Ideas Battle - Bill Clinton

A European Approach to Global Governance - Pascal Lamy & Zaki Laidi

Bridging the Euro-American Gap in the War on Terror - James Rubin

Towards Cosmopolitan Social Democracy - David Held and Anthony McGrew

Policy Essays: Innovation and Change

A Credible Centre-Left Optimism - Charles Leadbeater

The Pro-Growth Progressive - Gene Sperling

The Progressive Outlook - Frederic Michel and Matthew Browne

Letter from the Frontline - Yves Barou



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