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Progressive Politics Vol 2.1

Progressive Politics Vol 2.1

Tony Blair

01 January 2003

Progressive Politics Vol 2.1The Second Edition of Progressive Politics is now available. With exclusive articles by Tony Blair, Alan Milburn, David Miliband, Tiziano Treu and many more, Progressive Politics continues to set the debate for modernising social democracy.

This, the second edition of Progressive Politics also builds on the debates and arguments made in the inaugural edition, The Challenge of Renewal. In addition to the above, the journal also contains exclusive articles by Antonio Vitorino, Constantine Simitis, Wlodzimierz Cimoszewicz.


Editorial - Peter Mandelson

Progressive Governance - Tony Blair

21st Century Public Services

New Instruments for Health - Alan Milburn

Education, Heartbeat of a Nation - David Miliband

Revitalising Public Services, Italy: A Case Study in Diversity - Tiziano Treu

Can Vouchers work for Health? - Jorgen Abildgaard and Torben Vad

BundOnline 2005: E-government in Progress - Martin Schallbruch

The Progressive Outlook

Winning the Battle for Hearts and Minds - Douglas Alexander

European Affairs

Taking Asylum and Migration Seriously - Antonio Vitorino

Where Now for the Lisbon Agenda? - Constantine Simitis

Can Poland's Left Convince the Country to Embrace the Modern Age? - Wlodzimierz Cimoszewicz

Global Issues

Globalization as a Force for Better Health - Gro Harlem Brundtland

Globalization and the New Business Agenda - John Browne

Global Governance: More a Question of a Will than Way! - Saskia Sassen

Letter from the Frontline - Nicole Notat


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