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Europe in the Global Age

Europe in the Global Age

Anthony Giddens

09 October 2006

Europe in the Global Age is Anthony Giddens’ essential contribution to the Policy Network project on the European Social Model undertaken in 2005 and 2006. Consolidating the research brought to light by the leading thinkers involved in this project, the book assesses the future of the European Social Model in the 21st century.

Europe is having to come to terms with shifting global power and economic distribution, represented by the rise of China and India on the world stage. There is a growing fear of what increasing globalisation will mean for the cherished welfare state systems, long seen as the backbone of a common European identity.

By drawing on examples of cutting-edge economic and social policy in Europe, Giddens reveals the necessary link between establishing Europe’s global economic competitiveness and sustaining high levels of social justice. He outlines an innovative program of reform that will enable Europe to modernise the welfare systems and meet the challenges of the global age.

Policy Network held a high profile public debate on Monday 9th October to mark the launch of the publication. The author was joined on the panel by Peter Mandelson, EU Trade Commissioner and Honorary Chair of Policy Network; Roger Liddle, former Special Adviser on European Affairs to Tony Blair and member of Peter Mandelson’s cabinet; Patrick Diamond, a visiting research fellow at the LSE and director of Policy Network; Katinka Barysch, Chief Economist at the Centre for European Reform; and Will Hutton, Chief Executive of the Work Foundation.

Europe in the Global Age – Anthony Giddens

Glossary of Terms

1. The Social Model

2. Change and Innovation in Europe

3. Social Justice and Social Divisions

4. Lifestyle Change

5. At the Level of the EU

6. Eight Theses on the Future of Europe


Europe in the Global Age is published by Polity Press and can be purchased at www.polity.co.uk. For more information on Policy Network's publication, please contact Lucy Greig, lgreig@policy-network.net

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