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The New Egalitarianism

The New Egalitarianism

Anthony Giddens & Patrick Diamond (eds)

29 June 2005

Bringing together original contribution from globally renowned thinkers such as Gosta Esping-Andersen, Saskia Sassen, Ulrich Beck and Anthony Giddens, as well as senior New Labour figures, the book offers a coherent account of the dynamics and multifaceted nature of contemporary inequality, and lays out how these inequalities can be countered.

Drawing on a wide range of evidence, and the experience of governments worldwide, it proposes a fresh agenda for social change. The editors propose a ‘new egalitarianism’ – an approach to equality consistent with the demands of a postmodern economy and society.

The book shows that there is a valuable future for a left-of-centre politics anchored in egalitarian values, but that it requires a break with some core assumptions of the past. The New Egalitarianism will be essential reading for anyone concerned about social inequality, and the future of democratic politics.


1.         Gosta Esping-Andersen
            Inequality of Incomes and Opportunities

2.         Ed Miliband
            Does Inequality Matter?

3.         Robert Atkinson
            Inequality in the New Knowledge Economy

4.         Robert Walker
            Opportunity and life chances:  the dynamics of poverty, inequality and exclusion

5.         Anne Power
            Where are the poor? The changing patterns of inequality and the impact of attempts to reduce it          

6.         Patrick Diamond and Anthony Giddens
            The New Egalitarianism:  economic inequality in the UK

7.         Ulrich Beck
            Inequality and Recognition; Pan-European social conflicts and their political dynamic

8.         Saskia Sassen
            New Global Classes: Implications for Politics

9.         David Goodhart
            Britain’s Glue:  the Case for Liberal Nationalism

10.       Magdalena Andersson
            Why gender equality?

11.       Richard Wilkinson
            Social Corrosion, Inequality and Health

12.       Julian Le Grand
            Inequality, choice and public services

The chapters in this volume are the product of a series of meetings held under the aegis of Policy Network's working group on 'Community and Inequality', convened following the Progressive Governance summit and conferences held in London in July 2003.

The publication is available from Polity Press.

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