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Making Things

Making Things

Pat McFadden

20 May 2012


A reassessment of British manufacturing
New Policy Network pamphlet on growth, industry policy and creative industries

Advanced economies have to reassess how they earn their living and make their way in a post-financial crash world increasingly shaped by emerging economies.

This new paper by former business minister Pat McFadden argues that part of the answer must lie in a reassessment of manufacturing. The paper rejects the “declinism” which has too often characterised discussion of British industry. Instead, it sets the framework for a new project of national renewal grounded in “making things”.

McFadden argues that making things involves an active government championing Britain’s strengths in automotive, aerospace and pharmaceuticals industries, but also broadening conceptions of manufacturing to include creative and music “weightless industries”.

The paper comes at a crucial time as Europe's political focus shifts determinately from austerity to growth, innovation and future competitiveness.

About the author
Pat McFadden is a Labour member of parliament for Wolverhampton South East.He is a former UK business minister and a former political secretary and policyadviser in 10 Downing Street.

Tags: Manufacturing , industrial policy , industrial activism , Labour , declinism , growth , digital , creative industries , automobiles , car industry , Pat McFadden , picking winners , Active government , Andy Heath , Peter Mandelson , Adele , Jaguar Land Rover

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