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Home Publications Brazil rising: The prospects of an emerging power
Brazil rising: The prospects of an emerging power

Brazil rising: The prospects of an emerging power

Alfredo Cabral & Priya Shankar

01 July 2011


The dramatic rise of the emerging economies has been about new markets, jobs and growth. But it has also been about new ideas. The growing power of the Brics – combined with anxiety about the spiralling public debts being built up in Europe and the US – will increasingly challenge economic principles, governing philosophies and political institutions advanced by the west. In order to adapt to this shifting global environment, western discourse and policy must pay heed to policies and debates in the emerging powers.

Brazil, with its successful transition to democracy and robust economic growth, is an increasingly influential actor in the international arena but little remains known about the country’s domestic debates and developments. This paper outlines how Brazil has pursued its own path to development in recent years, highlighting the key challenges and dilemmas that the country now faces with regards to its economic, social and foreign policies.

Building on the discussions at the Foresight Brazil symposium that took place in São Paulo on 16-17th March, 2011, the paper argues that while Brazil has achieved enormous successes in recent years, it will need to adapt its path of development to changing internal and external environments.

Tags: Brazil , Lula , Dilma Rousseff , Bric , Brazilian development , Brazilian foreign policy , Brazilian social policy , Foresight , Priya Shankar , Alfredo Cabral , emerging power , global order , Brazilian politics

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