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Global Europe Social Europe

Global Europe Social Europe

Anthony Giddens, Patrick Diamond and Roger Liddle (eds)

09 October 2006

Global Europe Social EuropeGlobal Europe Social Europe is the product of a Policy Network project on the European Social Model undertaken in 2005 and 2006. A collection of essays from leading thinkers on Europe, the book discusses the unfolding challenges facing the European Social Model in the 21st century, including globalisation and the growing economic power of Asia. The book also outlines a program of reform to meet these challenges and modernise the welfare state. 

Covering a range of policy areas, contributors passionately argue that social justice must be at the heart of these reforms. In the book’s introduction, Giddens, Diamond and Liddle point out that failure to deliver these reforms can be linked to the failure of advocates to argue convincingly that reform need not lead to greater inequality.

By combining market liberalization and a social justice agenda, the goal of reformers should be the transformation of the ESM into a developmental, empowering state, clearly distinguished from the neo-liberal alternative. The book draws up a template of reform: a move from passive to active welfare; an emphasis on incentives as well as benefits, obligations as well as rights; a new view of risks; a refashioning of the contributory principle; integration of environmental sustainability into a concept of ‘positive welfare’ and the de-bureaucratized provision of services.

For all of the differences in the social models of member states, the contributions in this book point towards a convergent agenda of reform in the European Union, giving it concrete shape and substance. In short “a Global Europe can be a social Europe”.

Anthony Giddens, Patrick Diamond and Roger Liddle

1 A Social Model for Europe?
Anthony Giddens

2 Globalization: A European Perspective
John Sutton

3 East versus West? The European Economic and Social Model after Enlargement
Katinka Barysch

4 Migrating Workers and Jobs: A Challenge to the European Social Model?
Simon Commander, Alex Heitmueller and Laura Tyson

5 The Vulnerability of the European Project
Rene Cuperus

6 Social Change and Welfare Reform
Anton Hemerijck

7 The European Socioeconomic Model
Karl Aigiger and Alois Guger

8 The European Social Model: Gender and Generational Equality
Jane Jenson

9 Social Justice Reinterpreted: New Frontiers for the European Welfare State
Patrick Diamond

10 A Knowledge Economy Paradigm and its Consequences
Luc Soete

11 The Environment in the European Social Model
Mans Lonnroth

12 Immigration: A Flexible Framework for a Plural Europe
Patrick Weil

13 Economic Reform, Further Integration and Enlargement: Can Europe Deliver?
Loukas Tsoukalis

14 Friends, Not Foes: European Integration and National Welfare States
Maurizio Ferrera

15 A Common Social Justice Policy for Europe
Roger Liddle

The book is now available to purchase at Polity Press.

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