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Jobs, industry and opportunity: Growth strategies after the crisis

Jobs, industry and opportunity: Growth strategies after the crisis

Progressive Governance Network

16 February 2010


Jobs, industry and opportunity: Growth strategies after the crisisGovernments around the world must address wide-ranging policy challenges if they are to emerge from the recession and plot a path to sustainable long-term prosperity. The global financial crisis demanded emergency actions to stabilise the financial system and avert a 1930s style depression. Now that the immediate crisis has passed, the focus is shifting towards developing long-term strategies to shape our post-recession economies.

This is the challenge that the progressive centre-left has to take on. Not through backward looking debates or ideological introspection, but by mobilising the political and intellectual capital of the entire progressive community within and beyond our countries.

This selection of short articles, written by leading experts in the field, attempts to guide, inspire and, in particular, challenge some of the key issues at stake.


Olaf Cramme

Kemal Derviş
Progressive internationalism and the great crisis

Anton Hemerijck
Crisis aftershock alert

Allan Larsson
Stress-testing Europe’s social systems

Andrew Gamble
Markets and the public interest

David Coates
The Anglo-Saxon cul-de-sac

Jeffry A. Frieden
Rehabilitating macroeconomic sanity

Patrick Diamond & Roger Liddle
The role of government in the post-crisis age

Will Marshall
Champion individual enterprise and middle class aspiration

James K. Galbraith
A jobs programme? Keynes again

John Quiggin
Government as the ultimate risk manager

Reinhilde Veugelers
The essence of recovery: investing in innovation

Dean Baker
Sharing the workload

Jean-François Rischard
It’s high time for Global Issue Networks

Elena Jurado & Krystian Seibert
Conceptualising a new politics of growth


Progressive Governance Conference
This pamphlet will inform the Progressive Governance Conference on "Jobs, industry and opportunity: growth strategies after the crisis" in London on 19th February.


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