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Democracy, climate change and global governance

Democracy, climate change and global governance

David Held & Angus Fane Hervey

23 November 2009


Democratic agency and the policy menu ahead

Democracy, climate change and global governanceThe urgent challenge of climate change poses a critical test for modern democracy and rules-based international politics. Democracies need to shift from loose policy commitments to real and binding action. Yet, there are enormous collective action problems in combating climate change. Can democratic systems evolve to confront the challenge?

At global governance level there has so far been a failure to generate a sound and effective international framework for managing global climate change, whilst at state level solutions are weak and struggle to transcend the normal push and pull of partisan politics.

By setting out a range of focused governance and policy recommendations, this paper proposes steps for reforging a rules-based politics, from the nation state to the global level.

David Held is the Graham Wallas professor of political science and co-director of LSE Global Governance at the London School of Economics.
Angus Fane Hervey is a doctoral student and Ralph Miliband scholar in the Department of Government at the London School of Economics.

This paper will be discussed at a roundtable seminar on 12 Jan, with David Held, Anthony Giddens and Roger Liddle.

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