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Home Publications Responses to the global crisis: charting a progressive path
Responses to the global crisis: charting a progressive path

Responses to the global crisis: charting a progressive path

Olaf Cramme & Elena Jurado (ed)

19 March 2009


Handbook of ideasThe global financial crisis has dealt a shattering blow to the neoliberal faith in laissez-faire as the dominant guiding principle for the organisation of markets. The crisis has also exposed the fragility of globalisation: as sources of financing dry up, we are witnessing a dramatic collapse in world trade, shrinking capital flows and a worrying rise in anti-immigrant sentiment.

These developments have huge implications for the future of the progressive project. On the one hand, progressive governments and policymakers around the world will need to re-build an international economic and financial order at a time when the tendency is to focus on state-level solutions. On the other hand, as faith in unregulated markets crumbles, they will need to fill an ideological vacuum which risks being taken over by populists.

Meeting these challenges will require a critical but forward-looking debate on the issues and options available for reform. The aim of this “handbook of ideas” is to advance this debate by bringing together short policy recommendations and proposals by leading international thinkers on how progressives should approach the major economic and political challenges thrown up by the global crisis.

This publication informed, and served as the intellectual preparation, for the 2009 Progressive Governance Conference and Summit in Chile. It is also featured and available for debate on a new interactive commentariat website


Olaf Cramme & Elena Jurado:  Progressive politics after the financial crisis

Financial market governance

Will Hutton, A grand bargain for global capital
John Kay, Taming the financial casino
Refet Gürkaynak, Rehabilitating financial markets
Oscar Landerretche, Three progressive ideas for the recession
Howard Davies, Striking the right balance
Ngaire Woods, Saving globalisation…. again?
Katharina Pistor, Financial governance networks
Ricardo Lagos Escobar, Transformation through the crisis
David Held & Kevin Young, The equivalence principle
Barry Eichengreen, Five ideas for strengthening the IMF

Building a more equitable and sustainable international order

Simon J. Evenett, Hammering economic protectionism
Ricardo Lagos Weber, Telling the truth about trade
Gary Hufbauer, Slowing the protectionist juggernaut
José Antonio Ocampo, A new world development architecture
Martha C. Nussbaum, Creating capabilities for development
Ricardo Núñez Muñoz, Towards a progressive global order
Glauco Arbix, Developing countries in the face of the storm
Bernardo Kosacoff, Laying the foundations for future progress
Barbara Harriss-White, Linking ecological and economic security
John Podesta, The green opportunity
Anthony Giddens, Bridging the gaps in climate change policy
Andrés Rivera, An equitable climate change framework
Miranda A. Schreurs, Clean change in a crisis

A modern role for the state in the new economic and social paradigm

Marco Aurélio Garcia, The state in a shifting economic paradigm
Gunnar Folke Schuppert, The new interventionist state
Robert B. Reich, Restructure now
James K. Galbraith, A people first strategy
Roger Liddle, Recalibrating industrial policy
Aldo Ferrer, In defence of public policies
Robert Atkinson, Innovating out of the crisis
Marcio Pochmann, A transformative strategy for the state
Jeremy Rifkin, The third industrial revolution
Maurizio Ferrera, The progressive welfare mix
Dean Baker, Reforming welfare around workers
Clarisa Hardy, The future of social protection
Anton Hemerijck, In search of a new welfare state
Will Marshall, A social contract for the global age
Bernardo Kliksberg, Protecting the vulnerable in the world’s most unequal region

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