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Europe's Immigration Challenge

Europe's Immigration Challenge

Elena Jurado & Grete Brochmann (eds)

21 February 2013

Reconciling Work, Welfare and Mobility

As the financial crisis continues to cast its long shadow over Europe, the view that immigrants compete unfairly for jobs and present an unsustainable burden on the European Social Model continues to gather support in some circles.

For large sections of the European public, at a time of high unemployment and budget constraints, Europe cannot afford to further open its doors to immigrants who will add to 'low pay job competition' and present a 'burden on our welfare systems'.

At the same time, the ‘right’ type of immigrant has often been perceived as a potential cure for Europe’s sluggish labour markets and ailing welfare systems – especially immigrants who are young, easily employable and who arrive without family.

This complex conudrum between labour markets, welfare and immigration policies is at the front and centre of contemporary political and economic challenges. In this new Policy Network book, edited by Elena Jurado & Grete Brochmann, leading immigration experts present a comprehensive cross-comparative study which sheds light on how  work, welfare and immigration policies can be developed in a more integrated fashion.

EXTRACT  - Download a feature essay by the editors setting-out and introducing the key arguments in PDF form here.

About the editors:
Elena Jurado was Head of Research at Policy Network between 2007 and 2011. She is now Senior Consultant at ICF GHK, an international research consultancy, where she manages projects and works as an expert in the areas of migration and asylum, employment, and social policy.

Grete Brochmann is Professor of Sociology and Head of the Department of Sociology and Human Geography at the University of Oslo. She was recently head of a governmental commission on International Migration and the Norwegian Welfare Model.

The book is published by I.B Tauris and can be purchased here.


Introduction: Immigration,Work and Welfare: Towards an Integrated Approach
Elena Jurado, Grete Brochmann & Jon Erik Dølvik

1. Migration and the Political Economy of the Welfare State: Thirty Years Later
Gary P. Freeman

2. European Movements of Labour: Challenges for European Social Models
Jon Erik Dølvik

3. Migration andWelfare Sustainability: The Case of Norway
Grete Brochmann & Anne Skevik Grødem

4. Immigration in Italy: Subverting the Logic of Welfare Reform?
Giuseppe Sciortino

5. Responding to Employers: Skills, Shortages and Sensible Immigration Policy
Martin Ruhs and Bridget Anderson

6. European Employers and the Rediscovery of Labour Migration
Georg Menz

7. Long-Term Care and Migrant Labour in the UK
Isabel Shutes

8. Irregular Immigration and the Underground Economy in Southern Europe: Breaking the Vicious Circle
Emilio Reyneri

9. Restricting the Right to Family Migration in Denmark:When Human Rights Collide with a Welfare State under Pressure
Emily Cochran Bech & Per Mouritsen

10. Migration, Immigration Controls and the Fashioning of Precarious Workers
Bridget Anderson

The rationale for this book originated from two programmes of research and seminars on labour migration organised by Policy Network in 2008–2010, with the generous support of the Barrow Cadbury Trust. The programmes brought together academics, policymakers and other stakeholders from across Europe to discuss the economic impacts of immigration and consider the changes needed to the immigration policies of individual European countries in order to maximize the benefits of immigration and minimize its costs.


Tags: Immigration , Welfare , I.B Tauris , Elena Jurado , Grete Brochmann , Jon Erik Dølvik , Political Economy of the Welfare State Thirty Years Later , Gary P. Freeman , Labour European Social Models , Jon Erik Dølvik , Migration Welfare Sustainability Norway , Grete Brochmann , Anne Skevik Grødem , Italy Welfare Reform , Giuseppe Sciortino , Skills , Shortages , Sensible Immigration Policy , Martin Ruhs , Bridget Anderson , European Employers f Labour Migration , Georg Menz , Long-Term Care Migrant Labour , UK , Isabel Shutes , Irregular Immigration , Underground Economy , Southern Europe , Emilio Reyneri , Family Migration , Denmark , Human Rights , Emily Cochran Bech , Per Mouritsen , Migration , Immigration Controls , Precarious Workers , Bridget Anderson

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