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Steering Europe out of the Crisis

Steering Europe out of the Crisis

Loukas Tsoukalis

10 October 2012


Policy Network working paper
Steering Europe out of the Crisis: Turning EU integration into a positive-sum game

Europe must avoid at all costs a prolonged double-dip recession, with the weakest members of the Eurozone leading a desperate suicide dance.

The key challenges lie in balancing the burden of adjustment between creditors and debtors, regaining confidence in the irreversibility of Europe’s currency union and restoring the political capacity of both national and European institutions to transform market driven democracies into democratically regulated markets.

About the author:

Loukas Tsoukalis is president of the Hellenic Foundation of European and Foreign Policy (ELIAMEP), Athens.

This "working paper" was presented at the Policy Network Progressive Governance Conference, hosted by the Leader of the Irish Labour Party, Tánaiste Eamon Gilmore in Dublin on the 12 October, 2012.

Tags: Integration , EU , Democracy , Loukas Tsoukalis , Publication , EU integration , eurozone , fairness , adjustment burden , growth , intergenerational inequality , Globalisation Adjustment Fund , European elections , currency union , fiscal union , banking union , political union

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