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A Centre-Left Project for New Times

A Centre-Left Project for New Times

Policy Network & Wiardi Beckman Stichting

16 April 2012


Confronting the challenges of electability and governance

Policy Network and the Wiardi Beckman Stichting today present a distinctive political process which sets out how left-of-centre parties can turn the tide of stagnation and attain a new vibrancy and radicalism.

"A Centre-Left Project for New Times" urges social democrats to recognise that there is a credibility gap and delivery deficit which goes much deeper than political positioning and new rhetoric. It responds by setting out a sharper more coherent path for radical social democratic reform which draws together governing values, policy challenges, structural constraints and public attitudes.

Under the aegis of the 'Amsterdam Process', the publication is the culmination of two years of intensive debate and research  which has involved a host of serving politicians, senior experts and academic commentators in meetings across European capitals.

The Amsterdam Process
Confronting the challenges of electability and governance

1. Governing values
Social democratic guiding principles

2. Policy challenges and core concerns
A centre-left political agenda

3. Institutional and structural constraints
Governing competence and democratic legitimacy

4. Public attitudes and preferences
What voters want

5. What social democrats must now do
Future direction and political strategy

A series of responses and critiques to A Centre-Left Project for New Times can be accessed here.

Tags: Social democracy , renewal , centre-left , political strategy , revisionism , Amsterdam Process , elections , Policy Network , Olaf Cramme , Patrick Diamond , Rene Cuperus , Roger Liddle , Frans Becker , Michael McTernan

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