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Priorities for a new political economy: Memos to the left

Priorities for a new political economy: Memos to the left

11 May 2011


This substantial new Policy Network publication combines instructive data analysis of new opinion polling from the UK, US, Sweden and Germany, with a series of essays and memos written by leading scholars from around the world.

The essays and data analysis set the scene, delivering perceptive and lucid rallying points for centre-left politics, while the memos incisively spell out priorities for a new political economy.

The publication will be presented and discussed at a major political gathering of over 250 policymakers and experts from across the centre-left in Oslo on 12-13 May.

An executive summary and breakdown of the findings of the exclusive YouGov polling which informed this publication can be viewed here.



Olaf Cramme

Data Analysis - The quest for a new governing purpose
Policy Network

Priorities for a new political economy

Markets, power and politics: Is there a liberalism beyond social democracy?
Colin Crouch

Liberal social democracy, fairness and good capitalism
Will Hutton

The institutional foundations of middle-class democracy
Jacob S. Hacker

Nordic hybrid power – politics with markets
Jon Erik Dølvik

The new political imperatives of public spending
Rainer Münz

Memos to the left

Cut to the chase: 15 political truths for the centre-left
Andrés Velasco & Francisco Díaz

Resisting globalisation is a losing strategy
Robert J. Shapiro

How to fulfil the promise of opportunity for all
Isabel V. Sawhill

Don’t drop the social investment strategy but give it more bite
Frank Vandenbroucke

End the self-destructive reliance on the state
Marc Stears

Building blocks for a new politics of production
Roger Liddle

Smart regulation to reap the benefits of the market economy
Layna Mosley

A practical proposal for an international tax on the wealthiest citizens of the world
Patrick Weil

Redesign private ownership to create a truly generative economy
Marjorie Kelly

Protect the public interest from highly corrosive mergers and acquisitions
Hans Schenk

Square up to conservatives on fiscal discipline
Carlos Mulas-Granados & Carmen de Paz

Why austerity must not mean the end of active labour market policies
Chris Tilly

Why we need a jobs-led strategy for economic revival
Kevin Doogan

Move on from flexibility and its diminishing returns
Paul Gregg

Flexicurity 2.0 is the model for the 21st century
Jon Kvist

Strengthen labour market institutions over big finance
Stein Reegård

Focus on labour market churning and the low-pay, no-pay cycle
Tracy Shildrick

How to counteract the polarisation of the labour market

Luc Soete & Jo Ritzen

Have faith in the power of education
Gudmund Hernes

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