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Home Opinion A crowded left: the reconfiguration of Spain's party system
State of the Left - Spain

A crowded left: the reconfiguration of Spain's party system

Jorge Galindo and Sandra Leon - 13 November 2015

As next month’s general election approaches, Spain’s insurgent parties are jostling for position

Less than fifty days ahead of the general election, the left side of the electoral spectrum is more crowded than ever in Spain.

The three-decade-long dominance of Spain’s Socialist party (PSOE) seems to be over: to its left, the anti-establishment Podemos is polling at levels that IU (a coalition of classic communists and minor New Left parties) never managed to achieve. To its right, Ciudadanos is opening up a centrist space that was traditionally occupied by either the PSOE or the People’s party (PP).

The road followed by the Spanish party system to its next point of equilibrium is proving long and winding. Less than a year ago, Podemos was polling clearly above the socialists, and Ciudadanos was little more than an uncertain possibility.