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  • Europe • Growth • Economy
    Renaud Thillaye - 13 November 2014
    The left is not getting any credit for the return of a growth-friendly narrative in Europe.
  • Creative Economy • Growth • Social Justice
    Matthew Taylor - 09 September 2014
    We need industrial policies that strengthen the UK’s creative sector. This must be paired with recognising the links between cultural flourishing and social and economic progress.
  • Social Trends • Welfare • Insecurity
    Hopi Sen - 23 July 2014
    If the 'new insecure' are the new rising forces in our society, then progressives need to change the nature of the welfare state to be their allies.
  • Welfare • Public Attitudes • Reciprocity
    Duncan O'Leary - 23 July 2014
    Britain’s welfare system has become too dependent on altruism, it needs rebalancing with the reciprocity that the contributory principle was designed to provide.
  • Pre-distribution • Education • Human Capital
    Patrick Diamond - 24 February 2014
    Inequality and lower mobility are unlikely to be addressed without more effective intervention to boost the position of young people.
  • EMU • Solidarity • Integration
    Enrico Letta - 31 October 2013
    European solidarity cannot be construed as a moral obligation of some to help others.
  • EU • Democratic Deficit • Reform
    Olivier Rozenberg - 10 October 2013
    Parliamentary democracy is about discussions rather then decisions. Parliaments are essential because they question, scrutinize and criticize.
  • Individualism • Inequality • Reciprocity
    Peter Taylor-Gooby - 05 June 2013
    As society becomes increasingly individualistic, is it time for progressives develop an individualistic narrative of the Left?
  • EU • Imbalances • Social Europe
    Frank Vandenbroucke - 03 May 2013
    Excessive social imbalances in the EU are a matter of common concern and imply reciprocity in reform.
  • Welfare • Investment • Optimism
    Andrew Harrop - 11 February 2013
    The squeeze on social welfare is a consequence of the government decisions not inevitable decline. The Left’s response should be one of pragmatic optimism not despair.

The Policy Network Observatory promotes critical debate and reflection on progressive politics. It is centre-left orientated but determinedly challenges social democracy. It is pro-European but restlessly questions EU institutions and practices.

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