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  • Democracy • Participation • Engagement
    Mathew Lawrence - 22 October 2015

    The UK needs a Democracy Commission to tackle deepening political inequality

  • Democracy • Participation • Engagement
    Joke Quintens - 22 October 2015
    Innovative new practices have enabled widespread engagement in the setting of local authority budgets of a pioneering Belgian city
  • Labour • Populism • Democracy
    Patrick Diamond - 30 June 2015
    Political disaffection is widespread in Britain. To regain the initiative, Labour will have to fashion a genuinely new politics.
  • Canada • Greens • Environmentalism
    Claudia Chwalisz - 26 February 2015
    The Canadian Green party has become a respectable political force, though it still lacks legislative power
  • Contact Democracy • Lotteries • Deliberation
    Claudia Chwalisz - 19 February 2015
    New forms of contact democracy are crucial to renew representative democracy for the 21st century
  • Uber Economy • Innovation • Economy
    Arun Sundararajan - 30 October 2014
    Governments and the market need to share responsibility for a new social safety net.
  • Populism • Engagement • Legitimacy
    Carolina Johnson - 24 July 2014
    More participatory or deliberative local publics can help strengthen the legitimacy of democratic institutions.
  • Denis MacShane MP - 21 February 2007

    Since Segolene Royal entered the presidential race in early 2006, she has been the object of political controversy. She has been described in the French and international press as being fresh, modern, down-to-earth and a potential source of renewal for a French Socialist party.

The Policy Network Observatory promotes critical debate and reflection on progressive politics. It is centre-left orientated but determinedly challenges social democracy. It is pro-European but restlessly questions EU institutions and practices.

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