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  • Challenging populism
    Peter Mandelson - 21 March 2017
    Now is the time for mainstream politicians to stand up against the nostalgists, not by defending the present but by offering a clearer, more convincing belief in the future
  • Brexit
    Dick Taverne - 15 February 2017
    The prime minister has declared the Brexit vote irreversible. In a democracy, no decision ever should be
  • Brexit • EU • Progress
    Roger Liddle - 28 June 2016

    Only a progressive programme for Europe can puncture the surge in populism which currently threatens the existence of the EU

  • The Risk of Brexit
    Roger Liddle - 06 November 2015
    EU-wide reform is necessary to bolster support for European integration, but Cameron faces an impossible battle over UK-only 'fixes'
  • The Risk of Brexit
    Roger Liddle - 06 November 2015
    David Cameron is insistent that the UK should no longer be bound by 'ever-closer union'. But how negotiable is this demand?
  • EU • UK • Labour
    Umberto Marengo - 20 August 2015

    Abstaining from the debate on Britain’s future in the EU by propagating an over-simplified view of the union’s purpose is unsustainable

  • State of the Left - Netherlands
    René Cuperus - 25 June 2015
    Just as victory for our allies abroad can bolster confidence, we share in the despair of defeat
  • Spain • EU • Progressives
    Juan Moscoso del Prado - 21 April 2015
    European progressives need to rediscover their capacity to advocate a credible centre ground, and regain the courage to lead
  • State of the Left - Sweden
    Katrine Marçal - 21 March 2015
    The opposition parties blink first, giving Sweden’s social democrats the chance to govern
  • Uber Economy • Innovation • Economy
    Arun Sundararajan - 30 October 2014
    Governments and the market need to share responsibility for a new social safety net.

The Policy Network Observatory promotes critical debate and reflection on progressive politics. It is centre-left orientated but determinedly challenges social democracy. It is pro-European but restlessly questions EU institutions and practices.

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