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  • Labour • Social Europe • EU
    Patrick Diamond & Roger Liddle - 02 October 2015
    Labour must join in a much wider debate about how to tackle growing divergences within the EU
  • Populism • Europe • Politics
    Stijn van Kessel - 12 August 2015
    Populist parties across Europe are proving their durability, maintaining their popularity after spells in government or a change of leader
  • State of the Left - Finland
    Mikko Majander - 30 April 2015
    Finland's Social Democrats have suffered their third consecutive defeat and now face a renewed identity crisis
  • Immigration • Social cohesion • Welfare
    Paul Collier - 05 December 2014
    The erosion of social cohesion caused by immigration can create challenges for the successful delivery of a left-wing programme
  • Community • Social Trends • Politics
    David Goodhart - 17 July 2014
    The growing gap between the secular liberal graduate baby boomer worldview and the ordinary citizen is the new cultural/class divide in Britain.
  • Community • Politics • Identity
    Sheri Berman - 16 July 2014
    Successful social democracy in Europe has always relied on a strong dose of communitarianism.
  • Society • Populism • Inequality
    Ernst Hillebrand - 13 March 2014
    The growth of populism can be understood as a political "signal" to mainstream politics, not as a full-scale "shift to the right" in voter behaviour.
  • EU • UK • Sovereignty Plus
    Roger Liddle - 10 December 2013
    European cooperation offers Europe’s nation states the potential for ‘sovereignty plus’ – the ability to achieve more together.
  • Economy • Campaign • Living Standards
    James Morris - 13 November 2013
    Elections framed in terms of austerity vs anti-austerity favours the right. Election framed as austerity vs living standards favours the left.
  • Generational Divide • Trust • Belonging
    Michael Skey - 04 September 2013
    Traditional electoral coalitions are threatened by divisions between younger, more liberal voters and older voters who lament change.

The Policy Network Observatory promotes critical debate and reflection on progressive politics. It is centre-left orientated but determinedly challenges social democracy. It is pro-European but restlessly questions EU institutions and practices.

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