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  • Growth • Jobs • Competitiveness
    Will Marshall - 17 July 2014
    It’s economic growth and innovation that allow high living standards and generous welfare states to be a reality.
  • Growth • Wages • Work
    Gavin Kelly - 19 June 2014
    The relationship between wages and growth goes to the heart of economic performance as well as democratic legitimacy.
  • Growth • Innovation • Progress
    Michael Mandel - 18 June 2014
    Putting the cart of redistribution before the horse of economic growth turns politics into a zero-sum fight over a shrinking pie.
  • Gender Equality • Work • Voting
    Moira Nelson - 12 June 2014
    Working women and other like-minded voters stand to reward governments that address tensions in balancing work and family needs.
  • EU Election • UK • UKIP
    Anthony Painter - 27 May 2014
    A new strategy is badly needed to achieve a more healthy way of democratically engaging with disillusioned voters.
  • Manufacturing • Economy • Localism
    Julie Madigan - 15 May 2014
    If economies are to capitalise on the innate innovative potential of their populations then we will need policies to encourage a movement towards boutique local manufacturing.
  • Services • Productivity • Transition
    Anne Wren - 08 May 2014
    The post-Industrial economy will bring significant challenges. The centre-left is best placed to ensure these changes do not imply serious compromises in equity.
  • EU • Crisis • Recovery
    Philippe Legrain - 02 May 2014
    The election campaign ought to kickstart a big debate about Europe's future. Yet there is scarcely any debate at all.
  • Insecurity • Governance • Politics
    Policy Network - 24 April 2014
    A winning electoral strategy depends on an accurate understanding of social trends and attitudes in the ‘5 – 75 – 20 society’.
  • State of the Left - Finland
    Mikko Majander - 24 March 2014
    With May's leadership contest, beyond the mere identity of the party leader, what is at stake is the very identity of the social democracy.

The Policy Network Observatory promotes critical debate and reflection on progressive politics. It is centre-left orientated but determinedly challenges social democracy. It is pro-European but restlessly questions EU institutions and practices.

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