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  • Economy • Europe • Data
    Daniel Castro - 23 July 2015
    Data-driven innovation has the potential to be a major part of the European effort to grow the economy
  • Participation • Policy-making • Community
    Jay Weatherill - 13 July 2015
    Involving more people in generating and debating ideas is not only right philosophically, it also helps government to make better decisions
  • Europe • Grexit • Economy
    Harold James - 07 July 2015
    The Greek crisis and risk of Brexit should force a debate on how the single market might function better in the whole of the EU, not simply the eurozone
  • Preventative policy • Germany
    Hannelore Kraft - 02 June 2015
    Preventative policy pays off and carries the additional benefit of avoiding social follow-up costs
  • State of the Left - Finland
    Mikko Majander - 30 April 2015
    Finland's Social Democrats have suffered their third consecutive defeat and now face a renewed identity crisis
  • State of the Left - Netherlands
    René Cuperus - 20 March 2015
    Student protests in Amsterdam signal that political discontent in northern Europe may no longer be confined to ageing, angry rightwingers
  • State of the Left - United States
    John Halpin and Ruy Teixeira - 29 January 2015
    The Democrats must make an appeal to white working-class voters
  • State of the Left - Finland
    Mikko Majander - 12 December 2014
    Ahead of next April’s elections, Finland’s left-right coalition government is struggling in the polls. But, unlike elsewhere in Europe, populists are not benefiting from its woes
  • State of the Left - France
    Joël Gombin - 11 December 2014
    The French Socialist Party is failing to mobilise its potential support in the unions and civil society
  • Europe • Brexit • EPP
    Denis MacShane - 13 November 2014
    We are witnessing the emergence of a new European Union lacking a centre of power.

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