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  • State of the Left - Germany
    Michael Miebach - 17 September 2014
    Three recent elections in East German states have sign posted voter fragmentation ahead for both  Merkel’s CDU/CSU and Gabriel’s SPD.
  • Energy • Industry • Social Justice
    Jürgen Krönig - 27 March 2014
    The daunting challenge to balance industrial competitiveness, social justice, green goals and energy security.
  • State of the Left - Germany
    Michael Miebach - 22 January 2014
    After a resounding defeat in the recent general election, the SPD have now maneuvered into a position where they can strongly challenge Merkel.
  • Germany • Steinbrück • Election
    Michael Miebach - 19 September 2013
    Almost a third of the voters remain undecided days before the election as Germany’s coalition dynamics reach fever pitch.
  • Germany • Politics • Election
    Michael Miebach - 21 August 2013
    It might look like a predictable win for Merkel on paper; but the post-election coalition talks look set to deliver high intensity political drama.
  • Germany • SPD • Election
    Michael Miebach - 24 June 2013
    The three figureheads of the SPD are moving in different directions with less than 100 days to go until the German election.
  • Germany • Coalition • Party Identity
    Michael Miebach - 30 April 2013
    The best prospects of an SPD-Green Party coalition in Germany lie in resetting a flawed campaign strategy and focusing on maximising voter potential.
  • Germany • Election • Unity
    Michael Miebach - 31 October 2012
    If his party unites behind him, social democrat Peer Steinbrück will push Angela Merkel right to the wire in the 2013 German federal election.
  • SOTL • Germany • Election
    Marcel Lewandowsky - 12 September 2012
    A pro-ESM 'grand coalition' look increasingly likely as the SPD continues to fret over the best bet for party leader.
  • Elections • Democratic party • Pierluigi Bersani
    Marco Giuli - 09 May 2012
    The centre-left Partito Democratico is leading in the polls but it is torn between Mario Monti’s liberal reforms and the traditional values of the left. 

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