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  • State of the Left - Germany
    Michael Miebach - 07 July 2016

    The German SPD must be cautious not to over promise and under deliver in its response to Britain’s exit from the EU

  • State of the Left • Germany
    Michael Miebach - 09 March 2016
    As Germans head to the polls in regional elections, the SPD must not neglect to appeal to the middle classes
  • State of the Left • Germany
    Laura Krause and Florian Ranft - 13 January 2016
    Sigmar Gabriel should brush off questions over his leadership and capitalise on party support for his centre-orientated reform strategy
  • Germany • Terrorism • Immigration
    Kai Arzheimer - 08 December 2015
    Despite mounting pressures on Angela Merkel, the CDU has resisted the radical right’s attempts to link mass immigration with terrorism
  • State of the Left • Germany
    Michael Miebach - 13 November 2015
    Germany’s CDU are in disarray over the refugee crisis, but the SPD cannot presume to become the automatic beneficiaries
  • The Risk of Brexit
    Roger Liddle - 06 November 2015
    Strengthening safeguards for EU countries outside the eurozone has become a key British objective. But what threat actually exits?
  • State of the Left • Germany
    Michael Miebach - 16 September 2015
    If it combines the principles of optimism and realism, the SPD is well-placed to manage the biggest challenge to the country since reunification
  • State of the Left - Germany
    Jérémie Gagné and Michael Miebach - 25 June 2015
    Despite a solid performance in government, the SPD has gained little in the polls. Is it time for the party to think about non-voters?
  • Eurozone • Britain • EU
    Renaud Thillaye - 23 June 2015
    A new report tells an interesting story about how eurozone leaders see their future together
  • TTIP • EU • Trade
    Alastair Reed - 23 April 2015
    On TTIP the EU needs to guard against a popular backlash and leave out issues where there are legitimate concerns

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