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  • State of the Left - Sweden
    Katrine Kielos - 18 September 2014
    Despite returning a new Social Democratic prime minister, there has been a general feeling of something being lost in Sweden.
  • Productivity • Growth • Employee Ownership
    Charlie Mayfield - 12 September 2014
    Building an economy that offers a future for all requires a different approach to business, education, and ownership structures.
  • Labour Market • Skills • Investment
    Edoardo Campanella - 14 August 2014
    Generational renewal and technological progress will in time shift pain away from Europe's young people.
  • Growth • Jobs • Competitiveness
    Will Marshall - 17 July 2014
    It’s economic growth and innovation that allow high living standards and generous welfare states to be a reality.
  • Growth • Wages • Work
    Gavin Kelly - 19 June 2014
    The relationship between wages and growth goes to the heart of economic performance as well as democratic legitimacy.
  • Free Market • Progressivism • Redistribution
    Monika Sie - 18 June 2014
    Relying primarily on taxation and welfare benefits to achieve progressive goals is becoming increasingly problematic.
  • Women • Vote • Social Democracy
    Michael McTernan - 12 June 2014
    The left drift of female voters is no guaranteed win for social democracy. But if policy is targeted effectively, benefits are likely to follow.
  • State of the Left – Latvia
    Daunis Auers - 29 May 2014
    In an election shaped by Russia’s annexation of Crimea, Latvian voters flocked to support their pro-EU government, but the election result was more one of realpolitik than Europhilia in one of the EU’s newest member states.
  • EU • Matteo Renzi • Election
    Mattia Guidi - 07 May 2014
    Renzi is still flying high. The European elections will be the first legitimacy test for the new leader’s bold style of political combat.
  • Insecurity • Governance • Politics
    Policy Network - 24 April 2014
    A winning electoral strategy depends on an accurate understanding of social trends and attitudes in the ‘5 – 75 – 20 society’.

The Policy Network Observatory promotes critical debate and reflection on progressive politics. It is centre-left orientated but determinedly challenges social democracy. It is pro-European but restlessly questions EU institutions and practices.

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