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  • Populism • Anti-Politics • Democracy
    Matthew Wood - 28 October 2014
    To dismiss ‘anti-politics’ as a ‘myth’ may be to miss something crucial. Progressives have failed to grasp the mood of alienation, seized upon by only the populists.
  • Growth • Jobs • Competitiveness
    Will Marshall - 17 July 2014
    It’s economic growth and innovation that allow high living standards and generous welfare states to be a reality.
  • U.S. • Politics • Transition
    Michael Lind - 30 January 2014
    US politics looks to be on the verge of a grand transition from one political era to another.
  • Economy • Campaign • Living Standards
    James Morris - 13 November 2013
    Elections framed in terms of austerity vs anti-austerity favours the right. Election framed as austerity vs living standards favours the left.
  • State of the Left - U.S
    Michael Lind - 05 November 2013
    The destructive brinkmanship over the debt ceiling looks set to continue as disapproval ratings of the US Congress soar.
  • US • Inequality • Institutions
    Joe Guinan - 01 October 2013
    In neighbourhoods across America ever more people are using economic alternatives to build new wealth collectively from the bottom up.
  • US • Obama • Political Capital
    Michael Lind - 18 September 2013
    Barack Obama has unusually depleted political capital as he goes into contentious debt ceiling negotiations with Republicans later this year.
  • US • Obama • Democrats
    Michael Lind - 27 June 2013
    A series of “legacy” initiatives rolled out by the Obama administration have been overshadowed by major controversies.
  • U.S. • Progressivism • Grand Bargain
    Michael Lind - 30 April 2013
    The Social Security reforms proposed by the Obama administration have delighted Republicans and angered the Democratic base.
  • US • Politics • Obstructionism
    Michael Lind - 13 February 2013
    Despite a rousing second inaugural address in defense of the role of progressive government, Barack Obama faces a protracted period of legislative trench warfare.

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