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  • US • Election • Identity Politics
    Michael Lind - 01 November 2012
    Obama’s strategy for re-election has foresworn any inspiring vision for a second term.  Instead, his campaign has focused on identity politics and the “emerging Democratic majority”.
  • SOTL • U.S. • Election
    Michael Lind - 11 September 2012
    A reflection of the zero-sum politics of the Great Recession, the most likely outcome of the 2012 election is either divided government or Republican domination
  • US election • healthcare • economy
    Michael Lind - 05 July 2012
    One by one, President Obama has been ticking the boxes of key Democratic constituencies, but only a clear, coherent economic message will secure a second term.
  • Coalitions • Party Organisation • Politics
    Matt Browne, John Halpin and Ruy Teixeira - 19 June 2012
    Facing the coalitional challenge; the definitional challenge; and the organisational challenge.
  • France • Eurozone • Political Economy
    Olaf Cramme - 09 May 2012
    A victory for the left in France will help those who want more regulation on the City of London.
  • US • Obama • Elections
    Michael Lind - 09 May 2012
    Barack Obama looks likely to base his second campaign for the Oval Office not on hope but on fear ─ fear of the alternative.
  • Michael Lind - 22 March 2012
    Barack Obama will face a number of sustained challenges as the Republican machine finally settles down to business.
  • Katrine Kielos - 22 March 2012
    The Swedish model is about prospering through globalisation – not in spite of it, and Stefan Löfven knows this better than anyone.
  • Roger Liddle - 14 March 2012
    The Conservative-led government's view of the UK’s relationship with Europe belies a lack of vision about Britain’s role in the twenty first century.
  • Jonathan Todd - 20 February 2012
    Managing decline is not an attractive political position; to avoid it we might paradoxically heed lessons from the success of both Beijing and Ron Paul.

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