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  • EU • European council • Donald Tusk
    Vivien Pertusot - 17 December 2014
    How will Donald Tusk's debut as president of the European council be felt across the other institutions that make up the EU?
  • Populism • Anti-Politics • Democracy
    Matthew Wood - 28 October 2014
    To dismiss ‘anti-politics’ as a ‘myth’ may be to miss something crucial. Progressives have failed to grasp the mood of alienation, seized upon by only the populists.
  • Growth • Jobs • Competitiveness
    Will Marshall - 17 July 2014
    It’s economic growth and innovation that allow high living standards and generous welfare states to be a reality.
  • U.S. • Politics • Transition
    Michael Lind - 30 January 2014
    US politics looks to be on the verge of a grand transition from one political era to another.
  • Economy • Campaign • Living Standards
    James Morris - 13 November 2013
    Elections framed in terms of austerity vs anti-austerity favours the right. Election framed as austerity vs living standards favours the left.
  • State of the Left - U.S
    Michael Lind - 05 November 2013
    The destructive brinkmanship over the debt ceiling looks set to continue as disapproval ratings of the US Congress soar.
  • US • Inequality • Institutions
    Joe Guinan - 01 October 2013
    In neighbourhoods across America ever more people are using economic alternatives to build new wealth collectively from the bottom up.
  • US • Obama • Political Capital
    Michael Lind - 18 September 2013
    Barack Obama has unusually depleted political capital as he goes into contentious debt ceiling negotiations with Republicans later this year.
  • US • Obama • Democrats
    Michael Lind - 27 June 2013
    A series of “legacy” initiatives rolled out by the Obama administration have been overshadowed by major controversies.
  • U.S. • Progressivism • Grand Bargain
    Michael Lind - 30 April 2013
    The Social Security reforms proposed by the Obama administration have delighted Republicans and angered the Democratic base.

The Policy Network Observatory promotes critical debate and reflection on progressive politics. It is centre-left orientated but determinedly challenges social democracy. It is pro-European but restlessly questions EU institutions and practices.

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