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  • France • Elections • Francois Hollande
    Laurent Bouvet - 09 May 2012
    The show down in Brussels will determine Hollande’s governing mandate – a superficial victory will leave him with the age-old “curse” of the French left.
  • Social Democracy • Latin American model • Europe
    Francisco Javier Diaz & Robert L. Funk - 09 May 2012
    European social democrats should look to Latin America for broad lessons from the struggles for redemocratisation and emergence from economic crisis.
  • France • Eurozone • Political Economy
    Olaf Cramme - 09 May 2012
    A victory for the left in France will help those who want more regulation on the City of London.
  • France • Francois Hollande • Elections
    Roger Liddle - 08 May 2012
    Hollande believes in fiscal discipline. His victory is no repeat of Mitterrand’s turn to the left in 1981.
  • France • Parti Socialiste • Europe
    Benjamin Senes - 05 May 2012
    Leading with strategic prudence and steadfastness, Francois Hollande has run the most centrist campaign in the history of the French left.
  • Francois Hollande • Europe • Institutional reform
    Olaf Cramme - 02 May 2012
    Hostility towards the EU has moved from the fringes to the centre. Even Francois Hollande’s most ambitious growth pact will not change this.
  • Marine Le Pen • Nicholas Sarkozy • Elections
    Gilles Ivaldi & Jocelyn Evans - 30 April 2012
    The spectre of a  ‘schwarz-blau’ coalition looms as Marine Le Pen takes aim at the mainstream right.
  • Renaud Thillaye - 26 April 2012
    Can Hollande bridge the socio-economic anger of “la France invisible” and vested interests of upper middle-class “insiders” and civil servants?
  • Renaud Thillaye - 12 April 2012
    Everyone is telling Hollande to flirt with the surging Melenchon, but why is he not looking to Bayrou?
  • Gilles Ivaldi & Jocelyn Evans - 22 March 2012
    French elections may be swung by an anti-Sarkozy referendum. But national security questions and aggressive campaigning are testing Hollande.

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