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  • EU Governance • France • Growth
    Renaud Thillaye - 17 May 2012
    The burden of hope will weigh heavily on the French president as he confronts the EU’s ordo-liberal bias.
  • France • Elections • Francois Hollande
    Laurent Bouvet - 09 May 2012
    The show down in Brussels will determine Hollande’s governing mandate – a superficial victory will leave him with the age-old “curse” of the French left.
  • Social Democracy • Latin American model • Europe
    Francisco Javier Diaz & Robert L. Funk - 09 May 2012
    European social democrats should look to Latin America for broad lessons from the struggles for redemocratisation and emergence from economic crisis.
  • France • Eurozone • Political Economy
    Olaf Cramme - 09 May 2012
    A victory for the left in France will help those who want more regulation on the City of London.
  • France • Francois Hollande • Elections
    Roger Liddle - 08 May 2012
    Hollande believes in fiscal discipline. His victory is no repeat of Mitterrand’s turn to the left in 1981.
  • France • Parti Socialiste • Europe
    Benjamin Senes - 05 May 2012
    Leading with strategic prudence and steadfastness, Francois Hollande has run the most centrist campaign in the history of the French left.
  • Francois Hollande • Europe • Institutional reform
    Olaf Cramme - 02 May 2012
    Hostility towards the EU has moved from the fringes to the centre. Even Francois Hollande’s most ambitious growth pact will not change this.
  • Marine Le Pen • Nicholas Sarkozy • Elections
    Gilles Ivaldi & Jocelyn Evans - 30 April 2012
    The spectre of a  ‘schwarz-blau’ coalition looms as Marine Le Pen takes aim at the mainstream right.
  • Renaud Thillaye - 26 April 2012
    Can Hollande bridge the socio-economic anger of “la France invisible” and vested interests of upper middle-class “insiders” and civil servants?
  • Renaud Thillaye - 12 April 2012
    Everyone is telling Hollande to flirt with the surging Melenchon, but why is he not looking to Bayrou?

The Policy Network Observatory promotes critical debate and reflection on progressive politics. It is centre-left orientated but determinedly challenges social democracy. It is pro-European but restlessly questions EU institutions and practices.

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