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  • Droitisation • Radical Right • France
    Nonna Mayer - 27 August 2013
    A recent poll shows a third of French voters agree with the ideas of the Front National. What explains the changing perception of the radical right?
  • France • François Hollande • Politics
    Eddy Fougier - 27 June 2013
    French politicians believe and make believe that everything is possible  ̶  but the public have long lost faith in big political promises.
  • Italy • Democratic Party • Coalitions
    Umberto Marengo - 23 May 2013
    The lessons from Italy are that rigid and ageing parties need to build new coalitions and start to speak and interact directly with citizens and members in real time.
  • Growth • Well-being • Equality
    Anke Hassel - 19 April 2013
    The fixation of policymakers with GDP should be overcome by highlighting aspects that make citizens lives happier and more sustainable.
  • France • Voters • Engagement
    Guillaume Liegey, Arthur Muller & Vincent Pons - 27 March 2013
    The political party of the future must embrace the wealth of knowledge created by modern science.
  • Front National • Far-Right • Normalisation
    Nonna Mayer - 26 March 2013
    What lies behind the apparent normalization of France’s once outcast far-right?
  • France • Reform • Economy
    Renaud Thillaye - 13 February 2013
    The same-sex marriage debate and the war in Mali have given Francois Hollande much needed collateral for his moves to reform the French economy.
  • France • Youth • Social Democracy
    Anne Muxel - 19 December 2012
    The weakening of support for the left among young people is part of a long-term generational shift in political identification.
  • France • Sarkostalgia • Moral Politics
    Renaud Thillaye - 30 October 2012
    What was applauded as morally right during the campaign is now seen as economically hazardous.
  • Intergenerational Pact • Inequality • Social Democracy •
    Michael McTernan - 25 October 2012
    Demographic change could shatter the intergenerational voting coalition if not tackled.

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