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  • State of the Left – France
    Gérard Grunberg - 29 May 2014
    The mainstream centre parties lack the trust of voters and appear unable to adopt clear positions or produce strong leaders.
  • EU Election • France • Far Right
    Nonna Mayer - 29 May 2014
    The FN still has a long way to go, but it's triumph in the European elections is a symbolic step in its goal to ‘conquer France.’
  • Populism • Election • Front National
    Jocelyn Evans & Gilles Ivaldi - 24 March 2014
    The election result does not represent an earthquake shift in support for the radical party.
  • State of the Left - France
    Gérard Grunberg - 24 March 2014
    Hollande's government has suffered blows from the electorate and the Commission.
  • State of the Left - France
    Jocelyn Evans & Gilles Ivaldi - 07 November 2013
    If Hollande’s signature policy initiatives do not come into fruition, March 2014 could mark the beginning of an electoral blight for the Socialists stretching to 2017.
  • Campaign • Governing • Trade-offs
    Renaud Thillaye - 17 October 2013
    Promises associated with a distinctive moral vision of the economy have to be paired with a language of strategic priorities and trade-offs.
  • France • Le Pen • Populism
    Jérôme Fourquet - 15 October 2013
    As the Front National moves to attract left-wing voters it risks losing its more traditional right-wing conservative support.
  • France • François Hollande • Politics
    Eddy Fougier - 18 September 2013
    Will Hollandism be a fudge between the outdated demands of the French left and “Sarkozyism with a human face”? Or will it give shape to a French ‘third way’?
  • Droitisation • Radical Right • France
    Nonna Mayer - 27 August 2013
    A recent poll shows a third of French voters agree with the ideas of the Front National. What explains the changing perception of the radical right?
  • France • François Hollande • Politics
    Eddy Fougier - 27 June 2013
    French politicians believe and make believe that everything is possible  ̶  but the public have long lost faith in big political promises.

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