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  • Germany • Economic Governance • State
    Jörg Asmussen - 21 August 2014
    Economic discourse has for too long focused on a series of bogus alternatives. The time has come to put them behind us.
  • Britain • Innovation • Productivity
    Chuka Umunna - 20 August 2014
    Britain has faced tumultuous challenges before and is uniquely well-endowed to meet them today.
  • Populism • Devolution • Community
    Michael Morrissey - 19 August 2014
    The Northern Irish experience indicates that decentralisation has not, on its own, revitalised a paralysed political system.
  • Inclusive Prosperity • Economy • Growth
    Jim O'Neill - 19 August 2014
    The challenge is to succeed as a trading nation, offering more affluent consumers in the emerging world the sophisticated, higher-value products they will increasingly desire.
  • Labour Market • Skills • Investment
    Edoardo Campanella - 14 August 2014
    Generational renewal and technological progress will in time shift pain away from Europe's young people.
  • Europe • Investment • Skills
    Christal Morehouse - 13 August 2014
    It is time we develop a European talent strategy for the short, medium and long-term well-being of Europe.
  • Populism • Engagement • Legitimacy
    Carolina Johnson - 24 July 2014
    More participatory or deliberative local publics can help strengthen the legitimacy of democratic institutions.
  • Insecurity • Prosperity • Pre-distribution
    Håkan Bengtsson - 24 July 2014
    We need a pre-distributive strategy that rebalances the power relationship between workers and employers.
  • Democracy • Trust • Institutions
    Martin J Smith and Dave Richards - 23 July 2014
    In a digital age, the closed world of traditional, top down, elite models of democracy and accountability is no longer viable.
  • Social Trends • Welfare • Insecurity
    Hopi Sen - 23 July 2014
    If the 'new insecure' are the new rising forces in our society, then progressives need to change the nature of the welfare state to be their allies.

The Policy Network Observatory promotes critical debate and reflection on progressive politics. It is centre-left orientated but determinedly challenges social democracy. It is pro-European but restlessly questions EU institutions and practices.

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