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  • EU • Risk • Social Policy
    Daniel Innerarity - 03 June 2014
    Protecting Europeans citizens in the face of economic globalisation requires coordinating areas of social policy.
  • EU • Reform • Integration
    Jan Zielonka - 03 June 2014
    Europe needs a vision of functional integration orchestrated and managed not just by states, but also major regions, cities, NGOs and firms.
  • EU • Reform • Coordination
    Richard Corbett - 03 June 2014
    There is scope for a broad majority for reform in the new EU Parliament. However, this requires mainstream forces to agree a strategic agenda.
  • EU • Democracy • Values
    R. Daniel Kelemen - 02 June 2014
    As EU leaders work to strengthen legal enforcement of EU values, they must recognize that law alone cannot safeguard democracy. Political action is also necessary.
  • Euroscepticism • Identity • Elections
    Arian Meyer & Jo Ritzen - 02 June 2014
    Once easily explained by changes in economic factors alone, today, Euroscepticism is more a fear of losing one’s cultural identity.
  • EU • UK • Migration
    Adrian Favell - 02 June 2014
    British people exhibit some of the strongest opposition to the EU yet, in their behaviour, the British are among the most European.
  • Italy • Election • Euroscepticism
    Duncan McDonnell - 02 June 2014
    The post EP election picture is one of triumph for Renzi, but less so for European integration.
  • EU Election • Croatia • Trial Run
    Dejan Stjepanović - 02 June 2014
    Croatia only joined the EU last year but the centre-right have already learned to use European elections as a trial run for national ballots.
  • EU Election • Hungary • Extremism
    Péter Krekó - 29 May 2014
    For the first time in the far-right party's history, Jobbik's continuous rise in support ended. However, also for the first time ever they came second in a national election. Whether Jobbik continues to be a significant player domestically will depend on how their image and the scandal evolve.
  • EU Elections • Finland • Populism
    Niko Hatakka - 29 May 2014
    For the Finnish populists, the European election result was a slight disappointment, but the Finns Party is already looking towards next year’s national parliamentary elections. This will limit the party’s options in the European parliamentary group formation negotiations in June.

The Policy Network Observatory promotes critical debate and reflection on progressive politics. It is centre-left orientated but determinedly challenges social democracy. It is pro-European but restlessly questions EU institutions and practices.

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