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  • Economy • Europe • Data
    Daniel Castro - 23 July 2015
    Data-driven innovation has the potential to be a major part of the European effort to grow the economy
  • Economy • Democracy • Prosperity
    Thomas Aubrey - 22 July 2015
    It’s time for a new agenda focusing on democratising access to land, education and finance
  • Greece • Social democracy
    Eleftherios Antonopoulos - 17 July 2015
    Can Syriza – so far a populist radical left coalition – become a vehicle for the reinvigoration of Greece's centre-left politics?
  • Social Democracy • Labour • Politics
    Tristram Hunt - 15 July 2015
    Speech to Policy Network on hard truths for the Labour Party
  • Deliberative Democracy • Innovation
    Peter MacLeod - 14 July 2015
    How Canada led the way in democratic innovation
  • Participation • Policy-making • Community
    Jay Weatherill - 13 July 2015
    Involving more people in generating and debating ideas is not only right philosophically, it also helps government to make better decisions
  • Democracy • Populism • Knowledge
    Luca Belgiorno-Nettis - 13 July 2015
    Relying on experts to make policy ignores the inherent richness of a diverse society and blunts democracy’s comparative advantage
  • Policy-making • Deliberation • Legitimacy
    Sven Gatz - 13 July 2015
    Flanders’ citizens’ cabinet aims to increase the legitimacy of policy-making, solicit new perspectives and enrich democracy
  • Deliberation • Contact Democracy
    Jerphaas Donner and Harm Van Dijk - 13 July 2015
    The G1000 movement aims to discover common ground and provide all citizens with an equal chance to participate
  • EU • UK • Reform
    Richard Corbett - 08 July 2015
    The prime minister's demands for the future of the EU vary hugely in relevance and plausibility

The Policy Network Observatory promotes critical debate and reflection on progressive politics. It is centre-left orientated but determinedly challenges social democracy. It is pro-European but restlessly questions EU institutions and practices.

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