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  • Brexit • EU • Reform
    Roger Liddle - 11 February 2016

    There is a progressive case for Europe that can resonate with large parts of the electorate, but who will make it?

  • Technology • Engagement • Governance
    Beth Simone Noveck - 04 February 2016
    How can data-rich technology drive better citizen engagement and make government more effective?
  • Populism • Europe • Far Right
    Bartek Pytlas - 28 January 2016
    What options do mainstream parties have to contain the influence of the radical right?
  • Europe • Refugee Crisis • Populism
    Tamás Boros - 27 January 2016

    The left needs to re-establish its capacity to set the political agenda away from questions of immigration and security

  • EU • Security • Foreign policy
    Nick Witney - 21 January 2016

    The charge that the EU’s security role is largely irrelevant in the context of Nato does not bear scrutiny

  • State of the Left • Portugal
    Hugo Coelho - 14 January 2016

    The state rescue of failing bank has exposed the limits of the tie-in between the Socialists and far-left parties

  • State of the Left • Sweden
    Katrine Marçal - 13 January 2016
    Stefan Löfven risks alienating his activist base with drastic measures brought in to deal with the refugee crisis
  • State of the Left • Ireland
    Eoin O'Malley - 13 January 2016
    An insurgency of independents and anti-establishment parties could lead to a period of instability following Ireland’s forthcoming election
  • State of the Left • Spain
    Jorge Galindo and Sandra Leon - 13 January 2016
    With Spain still in political deadlock, the growing prospect of repeat elections is a dangerous one for Pedro Sánchez’s Socialists
  • State of the Left • France
    Jocelyn Evans and Gilles Ivaldi - 13 January 2016
    With Marine Le Pen set to reach the runoff, both the Republicans and Socialists face strategic decisions over next year’s French presidential election

The Policy Network Observatory promotes critical debate and reflection on progressive politics. It is centre-left orientated but determinedly challenges social democracy. It is pro-European but restlessly questions EU institutions and practices.

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