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  • EU Referendum • Brexit • EU Reform
    Chris Kendall - 02 March 2016
    The prime minister’s reform package has had a mixed reception domestically, but how has it been received in the European capital?
  • Europe • Labour • EU Referendum
    Richard Corbett MEP - 02 March 2016
    The Labour party is unambiguously pro-European and will have an important role to play in the forthcoming referendum
  • Basque • Independence • Nationalism
    Koldo Casla - 25 February 2016
    A variety of factors have quelled the pro-independence agenda in Spain's Basque Country
  • Flanders • Nationalism • Independence
    Wim Vermeersch - 25 February 2016

    Never before have Flemish nationalists performed so well, and yet paradoxically never has it been so hard to envisage an independent Flemish state

  • Catalonia • Nationalism • Independence
    Roberto Robles - 25 February 2016

    Spain arguably faces the most active separatist challenge in Europe

  • EU • Separatist • Economic Crisis
    Teona Surmava - 24 February 2016

    Uncertainty over future EU membership has proved an obstacle for separatist movements within member states – but do they present a wider threat to EU solidity?

  • Italy • Federalism • Reform
    Francesco Rocchetti - 24 February 2016
    How will Matteo Renzi’s electoral reforms transform the impact of localised groups on national politics?
  • Brexit • EU • National Sovereignty
    Jo Ritzen and Klaus F Zimmermann - 11 February 2016

    As the threat of fragmentation looms, the EU must seize a chance to redefine itself

  • Brexit • EU • Reform
    Roger Liddle - 11 February 2016

    There is a progressive case for Europe that can resonate with large parts of the electorate, but who will make it?

  • Technology • Engagement • Governance
    Beth Simone Noveck - 04 February 2016
    How can data-rich technology drive better citizen engagement and make government more effective?

The Policy Network Observatory promotes critical debate and reflection on progressive politics. It is centre-left orientated but determinedly challenges social democracy. It is pro-European but restlessly questions EU institutions and practices.

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