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  • State of the Left - United States
    Daniella Gibbs Leger - 25 June 2015
    The Democrats’ presidential hopefuls must reconcile recognising the progress of the Obama years with presenting their own vision for the future
  • State of the Left - Mexico
    Arturo Franco - 25 June 2015
    Once a beacon of hope, Mexico’s divided left now stands at a crossroads
  • State of the Left - Netherlands
    René Cuperus - 25 June 2015
    Just as victory for our allies abroad can bolster confidence, we share in the despair of defeat
  • State of the Left - Ireland
    Eoin O’Malley - 25 June 2015
    Ireland’s referendum belies political apathy and offers political parties some lessons
  • State of the Left - Sweden
    Katrine Marçal - 24 June 2015
    Patriotic rhetoric and a programme for radical economic change lay at the heart of the appeal of Swedish social democracy
  • State of the Left - Denmark
    Kristian Weise - 24 June 2015
    The Social Democrats emerged the largest party in last week’s elections but had to concede power amid strong gains for the populist right
  • State of the Left - Greece
    Yannis Palaiologos - 24 June 2015
    The prospect of a disastrous ‘Grexit’ looks to have been averted but there are few grounds for optimism about Greece’s future
  • Eurozone • Britain • EU
    Renaud Thillaye - 23 June 2015
    A new report tells an interesting story about how eurozone leaders see their future together
  • Social investment • Europe
    Patrick Diamond - 16 June 2015
    Austerity has weakened public investment, but the case for it in Europe is more relevant than ever
  • EU • UK • Brexit
    Roger Liddle - 11 June 2015
    The prime minister's current stance on an in/out referendum risks not only our membership of the EU but the unity of the UK

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