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  • Productivity • Growth • Employee Ownership
    Charlie Mayfield - 12 September 2014
    Building an economy that offers a future for all requires a different approach to business, education, and ownership structures.
  • Engagement • Local Government • Investment
    Peter Rigby - 11 September 2014
    Creating good jobs for all requires an environment that respects and supports real partnership between business and government.
  • Innovation • Technology • Investment
    Billy Boyle - 10 September 2014
    R&D is at the heart of disruptive technologies that have the potential to transform entire industries and create high-quality jobs.
  • Innovation • Investment • Public Policy
    Mariana Mazzucato - 09 September 2014
    Countries and regions that have been successful at innovation led ‘smart’ growth have always had active state directed policies.
  • Creative Economy • Growth • Social Justice
    Matthew Taylor - 09 September 2014
    We need industrial policies that strengthen the UK’s creative sector. This must be paired with recognising the links between cultural flourishing and social and economic progress.
  • Supply Chains • Growth • Manufacturing
    Ha-Joon Chang & Antonio Andreoni - 04 September 2014
    The most important step is the re-building of the country’s industrial infrastructure in partnership with the private sector.
  • France • Politics • Economy
    Renaud Thillaye - 03 September 2014
    The recent eviction of Arnaud Montebourg from the Hollande-Valls government was avoidable.
  • Growth • Investment • Future Jobs
    Sherry Coutu - 02 September 2014
    It is vitally important that Britain moves from being a great place to start-up firms to also being a great place to ‘scale-up’ firms.
  • Cloud • ICT • Inclusive Growth
    John Davis - 01 September 2014
    With the evolution of cloud technology, dynamic SMEs in the high-tech sector have a path-breaking opportunity to compete.
  • Global Economy • Britain • Prosperity
    Mervyn Davies - 28 August 2014
    Britain must adapt to be ready for success in the world of the future, setting clear long-term direction.

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