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  • Cloud • ICT • Inclusive Growth
    John Davis - 01 September 2014
    With the evolution of cloud technology, dynamic SMEs in the high-tech sector have a path-breaking opportunity to compete.
  • Global Economy • Britain • Prosperity
    Mervyn Davies - 28 August 2014
    Britain must adapt to be ready for success in the world of the future, setting clear long-term direction.
  • Italy • Party Politics • Leadership
    Lilia Giugni - 27 August 2014
    Despite recent success of Matteo Renzi, the PD faces a number of organisational, strategic and ideological doubts.
  • Innovation • Clusters • SMEs
    David Cleevely - 27 August 2014
    We have tax incentives, catapults, the TSB and a whole host of other initiatives. Now we need to engage with fast growing SMEs and to understand and support them.
  • Populism • Democracy • Political Participation
    Aurélien Mondon - 26 August 2014
    While right-wing populism is one expression of democratic discontent, disproportionate media focus risks reinforcing these parties.
  • Inclusive Growth • Productivity • Unions
    Roy Rickhuss - 26 August 2014
    Government, industry and unions will need to change if the UK is to be globally competitive and create more good, productive and sustainable jobs.
  • Green Growth • Innovation • Well-being
    Carlota Perez - 22 August 2014
    To seize the opportunity of our great surge of technological development, we need a national and global consensus between business, government and society for the 21st C.
  • Germany • Economic Governance • State
    Jörg Asmussen - 21 August 2014
    Economic discourse has for too long focused on a series of bogus alternatives. The time has come to put them behind us.
  • Britain • Innovation • Productivity
    Chuka Umunna - 20 August 2014
    Britain has faced tumultuous challenges before and is uniquely well-endowed to meet them today.
  • Populism • Devolution • Community
    Michael Morrissey - 19 August 2014
    The Northern Irish experience indicates that decentralisation has not, on its own, revitalised a paralysed political system.

The Policy Network Observatory promotes critical debate and reflection on progressive politics. It is centre-left orientated but determinedly challenges social democracy. It is pro-European but restlessly questions EU institutions and practices.

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