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  • Childcare • Jobs • Economy
    Pierre Fortin - 09 April 2015
    Quebec’s low-fee childcare programme created more jobs, more than paid for itself and raised the province’s GDP
  • Women • Growth • Economics
    Mari Kiviniemi - 09 April 2015
    Women’s equality is not just a matter of fairness. It is key to a nation’s economic performance and sound governance
  • Women • Equality • Employment
    Kimberly J Morgan - 09 April 2015

    Women’s support for centre-left parties should not be taken for granted

  • Women • Equality • Industry
    Moira Nelson - 09 April 2015
    The challenges that women face in entering the labour market are multifaceted, so must be the policies which tackle them
  • Women • Childcare • Equality
    Pia Schober - 09 April 2015
    Do longer parental leave entitlements for fathers really help women?
  • Women • Caring • Productivity
    Judith Warner - 09 April 2015
    The preoccupation with ‘flexible working’ as the answer to women’s needs in the workplace can be exploited by employers
  • Innovation • Economy • Europe
    Paul Hofheinz - 02 April 2015
    Any ‘economic growth’ strategy which ignores the all-important strand of promoting, encouraging and developing innovation is doomed to fail
  • Economy • Productivity • Europe
    Robert D Atkinson - 01 April 2015
    Higher EU-wide productivity is needed to enable the progressive goal of opportunity for all
  • Finance • Economy • Recession
    Adair Turner - 30 March 2015
    How do we stop the financial system from occasionally blowing up the world and producing – as it has post 2007/8 – a severe post-crisis recession?
  • State of the Left - United Kingdom
    Hopi Sen - 21 March 2015
    An inconclusive election in May is unlikely to be followed by the same stability provided by the current coalition

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