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  • Technology • Inequality • Progressivism
    Will Hutton - 23 April 2014
    To navigate capitalism on to new economic frontiers will require a thought through role for the state as risk taker, innovator, institution builder and strategist.
  • Predistribution • Market • Equality
    Jacob Hacker - 23 April 2014
    Where organisations representing the broad concerns of citizens have more weight, markets as well governments deliver benefits that are broadly shared.
  • Insecurity • Governance • Politics
    Policy Network - 23 April 2014
    A winning electoral strategy depends on an accurate understanding of social trends and attitudes in the ‘5 – 75 – 20 society’.
  • State • Innovation • Globalisation
    Philippe Aghion - 22 April 2014
    State intervention is warranted. But it has to be a smart state – neither the old welfare state of the Left, or the minimalist state of the Right.
  • Crisis • Deflation Trap • Optimism
    Andrew Gamble - 17 April 2014
    A new era of prosperity of the international economy can be achieved, but only if some key structural obstacles are again removed.
  • Gender Equality • Work • Voting
    Moira Nelson - 16 April 2014
    Working women and other like-minded voters stand to reward governments that address tensions in balancing work and family needs.
  • Middle-class • Jobs • Wages
    Brian Bell & Stephen Machin - 15 April 2014
    It is increasingly difficult to enter a profession and be sure that a comfortable and secure middle-class lifestyle will automatically follow.
  • Technology • Progressivism • Jobs
    Alan Manning - 14 April 2014
    Some argue that progressive politics is doomed because the market and technology are leading us to a more unequal society. The opposite is the case.
  • UKIP • Labour • Election
    Robert Ford & Matthew Goodwin - 10 April 2014
    Where did the UKIP revolt come from? And what impact will they have on traditional centre-left constituencies?
  • Monetary Policy • Income • Distribution
    Thomas Aubrey - 09 April 2014
    Central banks’ drive to stabilise inflation has distorted the distribution of income. It is time for monetary policy to become central to the political debate once more.

The Policy Network Observatory promotes critical debate and reflection on progressive politics. It is centre-left orientated but determinedly challenges social democracy. It is pro-European but restlessly questions EU institutions and practices.

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