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  • Austria • Populism • Elections
    Philip Rathgeb and Fabio Wolkenstein - 29 April 2016
    The first-round results in Austria's presidential election shows a distinct shift
  • Europe • Brexit • UK-EU Deal
    Andrew Duff - 29 April 2016
    It is wishful thinking to suggest Britain’s relationship with the EU will go ‘back to normal’, even if there is a vote against Brexit
  • MIddle East • Europe • Foreign Policy
    Joost Hiltermann - 07 April 2016
    Europe must address and learn from the mistakes it made in its past engagement with the Middle East and north Africa
  • Refugee Crisis • Ethics • Europe
    Paul Scheffer - 07 April 2016
    How do the different arguments shaping our perceptions of the refugee crisis intersect? An ethic of responsibility must fully consider the consequences of our response
  • France • Reform • Unemployment
    Renaud Thillaye - 04 April 2016
    If French politicians are serious about unemployment, they should work on a long-term plan rather than a technocratic package 
  • Eurozone • Reform • Interdependence
    Alexander Schellinger - 31 March 2016
    The prospects for much-needed reform are notoriously difficult, but a rare window of opportunity will open in the coming years
  • EU • Trust • Integration
    Silvia Merler - 31 March 2016
    How should recent trends in trust and satisfaction levels within the EU inform policy priorities to strengthen integration?
  • EU • Politicisation • Europe
    Daniel Innerarity - 18 March 2016
    Current tensions within the European Union should spark a politicisation of its failing institutions
  • State of the Left • Canada
    Claudia Chwalisz - 10 March 2016
    “Real change” was Justin Trudeau’s campaign slogan last year. While these are still early days, the change – in both style and substance – has already been palpable
  • State of the Left • Italy
    Francesco Rocchetti - 10 March 2016
    The Italian prime minister hopes a vote for Britain to remain part of the EU will enable his country to play a leading role in a wider reform process

The Policy Network Observatory promotes critical debate and reflection on progressive politics. It is centre-left orientated but determinedly challenges social democracy. It is pro-European but restlessly questions EU institutions and practices.

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