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  • State of the Left - Canada
    Claudia Chwalisz - 17 September 2014
    The Liberals look poised to do well next year, but the Conservatives have changed the electoral rules of the game.

  • State of the Left - Netherlands
    René Cuperus - 17 September 2014
    Frans Timmermans is now Juncker’s number two in the new Commission. His difficult informal task will likely be keeping the UK in the EU.
  • State of the Left - Germany
    Michael Miebach - 17 September 2014
    Three recent elections in East German states have sign posted voter fragmentation ahead for both  Merkel’s CDU/CSU and Gabriel’s SPD.
  • State of the Left - Denmark
    Kristian Weise - 17 September 2014
    There is now less than a year until Danish Prime Minister, Helle Thorning-Schmidt, has to face the music and call a general election.
  • State of the Left - Norway
    Sten Inge Jørgensen - 17 September 2014
    Norwegian Labour has a new leader who is pulling the party in a green direction, provoking the oil-lobby, as well as trades unions.
  • State of the Left - France
    Gérard Grunberg - 16 September 2014
    Internal opposition, unpopularity, poor economic results: all the elements of a serious political crisis are in play.
  • State of the Left - Italy
    Mattia Guidi - 16 September 2014
    The new Italian PM caught Europe’s imagination with his 40% score at the European elections. With Italy facing poor growth forecasts, his blitz of fast-paced reforms are undergoing scrutiny.
  • State of the Left - Australia
    David Hetherington - 16 September 2014
    Labor must reform internally and win back the electorate’s trust to govern again before more deep and lasting damage is done.
  • Investment • R&D • Institutions
    Kumar Bhattacharyya - 15 September 2014
    In Britain, we have a giant gap between good policies and the ability to deliver them.
  • Swedish Politics • Labour Market • Welfare
    Tomas Berglund - 15 September 2014
    In Sweden, current labour market policies no longer combine ‘creative destruction’ with ‘security of the wings.’

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