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  • Democratic Innovation • Sortition • Politics
    David Van Reybrouck - 23 October 2014
    How to renew the centralised, hierarchical party system to reflect the horizontal power relationships of the hyper-connected, interactive society of the 21st century?
  • Europe • Juncker • Commission
    Vivien Pertusot - 23 October 2014
    Behind Juncker's clear priorities and innovative team set-up, his ability to restore trust in the EU remains to be seen.
  • Democracy • Reform • Lotteries
    Peter Stone - 23 October 2014
    Introducing lotteries of randomly selected citizens to police the democratic system could  enhance its democratic legitimacy.
  • Europe • Populism • Politics
    Timo Lochocki - 21 October 2014
    Why has support for eurosceptic populist parties risen in some countries and fallen in others?
  • Pre-distribution • Inequality • Reform
    Alexandre Afonso and Jelle Visser - 20 October 2014
    The Netherlands and Switzerland have successfully combined high employment and low levels of inequality without high taxes.
  • Populism • UKIP • Democratic Stress
    Anthony Painter - 10 October 2014
    We are living in intensely political times, where a tech-enabled civic democracy is flourishing and new political forms are driven by emergent individualism.
  • Localism • Renewal • Politics
    Jonathan Carr-West - 09 October 2014
    Post-Scottish referendum, we find ourselves in a unique moment to deliver a connected localist agenda.
  • Welfare State • Redistribution • Policy
    Jane Gingrich - 09 October 2014
    Voters in highly visible welfare states vote in ways consistent with their preferences on redistribution and state spending.
  • Technology • Inclusive Growth • Inequality
    Stella Creasy - 03 October 2014
    Future success means making sure the public has direct access to the forces for change - information, competition and collaboration.
  • Britain • Europe • Politics
    Roger Liddle - 02 October 2014
    Ultimately the tension between the party of wealth creators and the party that can rally back anti-migrant populists will become unbearable.

The Policy Network Observatory promotes critical debate and reflection on progressive politics. It is centre-left orientated but determinedly challenges social democracy. It is pro-European but restlessly questions EU institutions and practices.

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