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  • Europe • Populism • Politics
    Timo Lochocki - 21 October 2014
    Why has support for eurosceptic populist parties risen in some countries and fallen in others?
  • Pre-distribution • Inequality • Reform
    Alexandre Afonso and Jelle Visser - 20 October 2014
    The Netherlands and Switzerland have successfully combined high employment and low levels of inequality without high taxes.
  • Populism • UKIP • Democratic Stress
    Anthony Painter - 10 October 2014
    We are living in intensely political times, where a tech-enabled civic democracy is flourishing and new political forms are driven by emergent individualism.
  • Localism • Renewal • Politics
    Jonathan Carr-West - 09 October 2014
    Post-Scottish referendum, we find ourselves in a unique moment to deliver a connected localist agenda.
  • Welfare State • Redistribution • Policy
    Jane Gingrich - 09 October 2014
    Voters in highly visible welfare states vote in ways consistent with their preferences on redistribution and state spending.
  • Technology • Inclusive Growth • Inequality
    Stella Creasy - 03 October 2014
    Future success means making sure the public has direct access to the forces for change - information, competition and collaboration.
  • Britain • Europe • Politics
    Roger Liddle - 02 October 2014
    Ultimately the tension between the party of wealth creators and the party that can rally back anti-migrant populists will become unbearable.
  • Spain • Politics • Europe
    Juan Rodríguez-Teruel - 02 October 2014
    The new leader of the Spanish Socialists will have to face-up to Podemos, political reform and the Catalan question.
  • Politics • UK • Labour
    John McTernan - 21 September 2014
    Britain faces an urgent crisis of political authority and a fractured economy. The Labour leader needs to give a speech that squares-up to the easy promises of populism.
  • State of the Left - Ireland
    Eoin O'Malley - 18 September 2014
    Between the harsh realism of Labour’s ‘responsibility’ and the inflated promises of the ‘responsive’ Left, people are struggling with increasing insecurity.

The Policy Network Observatory promotes critical debate and reflection on progressive politics. It is centre-left orientated but determinedly challenges social democracy. It is pro-European but restlessly questions EU institutions and practices.

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