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  • Europe 2020 • Social dimension • EU
    Sonja Bekker - 17 December 2014
    A search for ways to strengthen the EU's social dimension should begin with building on the lessons of the past
  • EU • Structural reform • Growth
    Eulalia Rubio - 17 December 2014
    Structural reform is vital to growth across the eurozone. How best should the EU promote it?
  • EU • European council • Donald Tusk
    Vivien Pertusot - 17 December 2014
    How will Donald Tusk's debut as president of the European council be felt across the other institutions that make up the EU?
  • State of the Left - Denmark
    Kristian Weise - 12 December 2014
    A ‘red budget’ and signs of economic recovery give the Social Democrats a spring in their step for the first time since they came to power
  • State of the Left - Netherlands
    Michiel van Hulten - 12 December 2014
    A heated debate around a centuries-old children’s festival throws a light on the complexities of integration
  • State of the Left - Ireland
    Eoin O'Malley - 12 December 2014
    The decline of old attachments and a populist challenge from the left open up the possibility of dramatic change in 2016
  • State of the Left - United Kingdom
    John McTernan - 12 December 2014
    Labour may eke out a win in Britain next May but the shape of it, and the contours of the electoral battlefield, remain obscure
  • State of the Left - Finland
    Mikko Majander - 12 December 2014
    Ahead of next April’s elections, Finland’s left-right coalition government is struggling in the polls. But, unlike elsewhere in Europe, populists are not benefiting from its woes
  • State of the Left - Germany
    Marcel Lewandowsky - 12 December 2014
    Beneath a quiescent surface, elections at a state level and the emergence of a populist challenge suggests German politics is in flux
  • State of the Left - Australia
    David Hetherington - 11 December 2014
    Australia’s prosperity is under threat while Tony Abbott’s government pursues pet ideological projects

The Policy Network Observatory promotes critical debate and reflection on progressive politics. It is centre-left orientated but determinedly challenges social democracy. It is pro-European but restlessly questions EU institutions and practices.

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