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17 April 2015
How can we break down barriers to women’s participation in the post-crisis labour market?
13 February 2015
It is time to reimagine industrial policy and consider how business and government can work together to generate more balanced and sustainable growth
27 February 2015
What opportunities and risks does the rise of green parties present to the centre left?
25 September 2015
An essay on the Front National, and how despite certain changes, their core message remains almost the same as when the party began
15 December 2015
Policy Network's latest newsletter, featuring analysis on the centre-left's digital strategy, Britain's housing climate and much more
20 February 2015
Why democracy is about more than just elections
23 January 2015
It is the populist right that has reaped most of the electoral rewards in Europe in the aftermath of the Great Recession. What challenges is it posing?
23 July 2015
A failure to democratise capitalism will mean that the UK will continue to languish in the productivity league tables
26 June 2015
This month's State of the Left bulletin
17 September 2015
This month's State of the Left bulletin

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