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01 July 2015
Evidence submitted by Policy Network in June 2015 to HM Treasury's Business Rates Review
26 June 2015
This month's State of the Left bulletin
11 June 2015
Policy Network’s Renaud Thillaye writes in French on the reasons behind Labour’s electoral defeat in Britain
05 June 2015
A collection of essays informing a Policy Network event on the opportunities of social investment
17 April 2015
How can we break down barriers to women’s participation in the post-crisis labour market?
26 March 2015
Policy Network has instigated a new research project to analyse in more detail the challenges of financing growth businesses across the European Union, and propose how some of these challenges might be overcome
23 March 2015
UK politicians may soon need advice from their continental colleagues on how to deliver stability
03 March 2015
A collection of essays on regulation, mobility and democracy in the EU, ahead of Policy Network's EU affairs conference
27 February 2015
What opportunities and risks does the rise of green parties present to the centre left?
20 February 2015
Why democracy is about more than just elections

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