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15 April 2016
A call for papers for an upcoming conference in Paris, co-organised by Policy Network
30 November 2015
Policy Network publishes a series of essays contributing to a programme of high-level policy and political seminars held in Berlin, Oxford and Paris earlier this year
31 July 2015
Responses to Jeremy Cliffe's recent paper on how the country is changing and why its politicians must respond
01 July 2016
Expert analysis from across Europe on the consequences of the UK's recent referendum
22 February 2016
A collection of essays informing the debate on TTIP
23 October 2014
Policy Network looks at whether elections are synonymous with democracy, and if innovations within the democratic process could lead to greater legitimacy
03 March 2015
A collection of essays on regulation, mobility and democracy in the EU, ahead of Policy Network's EU affairs conference

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