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04 September 2015
A series of seminars being held in order to discuss the progressive case for Europe ahead of the British referendum
04 December 2015
A second series of essays from Policy Network which contributed to high-level policy and political seminars held in Berlin, Oxford and Paris earlier this year
26 March 2015
Policy Network has instigated a new research project to analyse in more detail the challenges of financing growth businesses across the European Union, and propose how some of these challenges might be overcome
15 September 2016
Global Progress 2016 is hosted by Canada 2020 in partnership with Policy Network and the Center for American Progress
28 August 2015
Policy Network launches a new essay on the need for political parties to imitate the successes of startups in order to better at capturing the demand for civic engagement
02 December 2016
We recently held a seminar in London exploring the progressive narratives available to best discuss integration and look at positive examples of integration from around Europe - considering what lessons can be learned for the British context.
04 September 2015
Join Policy Network at this year's Labour party conference in Brighton
11 June 2015
Policy Network’s Renaud Thillaye writes in French on the reasons behind Labour’s electoral defeat in Britain

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