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New migration realities: inclusive narratives

17 August 2016
New migration realities: inclusive narratives

Immigration to the UK has been growing in recent years, reaching its highest level on record in 2016. As the figures have increased, so have popular concerns about pressure on public services and the impact on British identity and social cohesion. The Brexit vote highlighted more than ever before the urgency of addressing these concerns if Britian is to remain a tolerant and open society.

Across Europe in the context of the recent 'refugee crisis' and terrorist attacks, resentment towards immigration has also been growing. Populist parties have seized on immigration and integration to magnify their voices and increasingly challenge mainstream parties. Policy Network is undertaking a 12-month research project with the Barrow Cadbury Fund for 2016-17, exploring recent migration trends and political reactions in western Europe. We are seeking to understand what Britain can learn from its European neighbours, and to come up with new inclusive narratives and policy actions which at the same time take account of people's concerns about immigration and integration in a changing world. We will release a report in early 2017 summarising our findings.

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