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The 'platform economy’ in Europe: lessons for policymakers

08 December 2016
The 'platform economy’ in Europe: lessons for policymakers

As part of our research on the future of work, Policy Network, in partnership with techUK, held an expert roundtable on “The 'platform economy’ in Europe: lessons for policymakers“ on 7th December in London.

At the heart of the discussion, participants examined the policy responses to the growth of platforms that continue to drive innovation and the creation of new jobs but at the same time put a question mark behind social standards in the UK and Europe. It provided an in-depth focus on challenges and debates over labour market regulation among policymakers and stakeholders, including governmental institutions, political parties, trade unions and business organisations. The debate also sought to bring forward a number of policy innovations in the area of work based on a forward looking assessment of labour market reforms and political developments in western Europe and Scandinavia.

The event featured a panel of distinguished experts from across Europe who brought in a broad range of experiences and perspectives on this topic, including Charlotte Holloway (policy director, tech UK), Yvette Cooper MP (UK Labour party), Ursula Huws (University of Hertfordshire), Jan Drahokoupil (ETUI, Brussels) and Poul Nielson (former EU commissioner).

This issues discussed are explored further in the below articles:

Florian Ranft
Policymakers must act now to help create responsive labour markets
Poul Nielson
Employers and trade unions must recognise their mutual interests in responding to the fragmentation of working life
Ursula Huws
What are the implications of more and more workers relying on the platform economy?

Jan Drahokoupil
The regulatory response to the emergence of the platform economy has neglected the issue of pay and working conditions


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