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Call for papers: government and public services in an age of austerity

15 April 2016

A comparative study of France and the United Kingdom (Paris, 2-3 December 2016)

An upcoming conference on 'government and public service in the age of austerity' is currently looking for proposals for contributions to the conference, which takes place in Paris on 2-3 December 2016.

This international conference is being organised by several institutions (notably the Universities of Paris 1 and 3, France Stratégie and Policy Network). It aims to examine the evolution of government and public services in an age of austerity, from a comparative France-UK point of view. The conference will be trans-disciplinary and seeks to bring together policy-makers and actors, as well as researchers and academics. The goal is to compare national experiences from a sectoral point of view (education, health, transport, defence, etc.), as well as from an institutional perspective (local, national and transnational government, changing citizenship, etc.).‚Äč

The conference and research project aim to examine how government and public services are evolving in France and the United Kingdom given these pressures on public finances. To this end, it proposes examining four broad areas of government action and public policy:

1. The economics and politics of 'austerity'

2. Historical and cultural approaches to government and public services

3. Sectoral studies

4. Local, regional and European government


The scientific committee for the conference includes:Edith Archambault (Paris 1), Ben Clift (Warwick), Andrew Gamble (Cambridge), Daniel Gaxie (Paris 1), Richard Hyman (LSE), Gilles Leydier (Toulouse), Zeynep Or (IRDES), Nick Pearce (IPR, Bath) and Hélène Phaner (France Stratégie)

Please send your proposals for a contribution (300 word summary and short CV) to nicholas.sowels@univ-paris1.fr by 31 May 2016.

For full details on the call for papers, see the attached document:

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